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Emilie Fouilloux

Naturally perfect

Style as a synthesis, Parisian of course.

Surrounded by mirrors, Emilie Fouilloux grew up enwrapped in the reflection of herself aspiring to be perfect. Aged 9 she entered the Opera school as a ballerina andspent her next twenty years with theScalain Milan and the Miami City Ballet. Then Fouillouxleft and proceeded to live a second life as a DJ. Chic Parisian evenings at theCostesand the Club Montana, before ending up – once more – in front of mirrors. Her third life is coloured by what she herself designs and Madem is the name of her line ( has to have a mirror in her bag at all times: “But I never found any that were nice enough”.

Drawing inspiration from Frida Khalo’s style, onto which Emilie has grafted some of her softness also in terms of colour, with peach coloured leather finishes for instance, Emilie creates her own pieces, adding zodiac signs for that extra personal touch. Any Parisian woman knows the importance of style. Hers. Mainly striped knitwear and flats.
What ballerina flats mean to Emilie. “I have an endless collection of them, I wear them in the evening for instance with a very short and elegant dress. Alternatively, with tight trousers and men’s shirts that are not too baggy. If it’s a silk shirt I put it inside a nice belt; I often wear the cotton ones tied in front with a knot”. Nothing too body hugging –apart from trousers – softly styled coats or a tailor-made jacket: “I never have enough on”.

In her bag:
- a mirror that reflects her mood,
- natural-looking lips, lipstick for evening wear,
- keys and wallet,
- phone and battery charger,
- hair-grips and spray perfume,
- iPod and notebook, (“just in case I happen to see something I like when I’m out, often in the way of interior decoration”),
- an image of Our Lady of Lourdes

In her suitcase, wherever she goes:
- white shirt,
- leather trousers,
- a pair of heels blue,
- a black cashmere knit, small,
- swimsuit,
- makeup bag (see obsession).
Her makeup bag….which holds her beauty secrets
Skin oil, often Veleda’s.
The habit she has of spraying her face with eau de beauté
Three different moisturizing creams. These have to be applied in layers.
A light foundation for skin protection
Purifying oil for night care.
Rouge-Noir nail polish
Perfumes: Figue by Artisan Parfumeur,Creed’s Spring Flower and AnnickGoutal
One of the three is always in her bag in micro spray format

Never: Capri pants.

Always: two bracelets and three rings, things she is attached to for sentimental reasons

Fear: “the cancellation of appointments: it worries me all the time. It even crossed my mind this morning. When I used to dance, I only got to know at the very last minute whether it was on or off. I think I still carry this anxiety with me”.

Vision: Swan Lake: I’ve seen it millions of times. Even at the early age of eight - I remember it very well - I could already imagine myself dancing in it. There could be no doubt about what I was going to do.

Interiors flowers details: flowers and plants. Roses and lilies. The typical blue vases from Marrakech filled with red roses, white for the bedroom, red or white peonies on the table and hydrangeas that make welcome incursions. It is all part of the way I fill a simple container (the home) with cushions, fabrics and objects of ethnic/vintage taste.

Femininity: never overdo it. As soon as the effort becomes apparent, in makeup and hairstyling, the impact ceases to be feminine. Invisible efforts and elegance of movement.

Beauty Secret: she uses children’s shampoo to make sure she has fresh hair every day, without ever setting it.

Proportions: soft and feminine. Skirts and trousers: everything just a bit too long and a little wider than necessary.

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