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Adrien Chavassieu

The perfect traveller

Much more than just a manager with an intercontinental style.

Any attempt to visualize Adrien would immediately place him in an aeroplane. In fact, the three-track life of Chavassieu, manager in the perfumery business, co-owner of a restaurant in Mallorca and co-founder of the Citytips app mainly takes place in flight. An existence that unfolds between choices and continents.

Perfumes: responsible for South American, Indian and African markets, he overviews distribution of fragrances for several French and international luxury brands.

Then there is the tapas restaurant Sa Cova in Santanyi, Mallorca,, where Adrien, used to moving between different homes from a very young age, always spends his holidays: apparently without a break from work.

How, on the other hand, could you ever slow down the mentality of a young man who was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Venezuela, followed by the great capitals of Europe, first London then Paris, before going to college in Fontainebleau.
Then, back to Paris for his studies in International Economics and his first job in the perfumery business which positioned him between Japan and New York.
China and Shanghai came next, with consultancy work in Hong Kong, before Chavassieu finally decided to make the map of his life into a profession: “I travel endlessly, taking note of whatever I like or what particularly impresses me”.

Sensations and choices of great media impact which materialize on his App Citytips, with not to be missed digital tips on
He has been back in Paris for a few months now, where we photographed him, with the idea of settling in a capital city whose atmosphere is familiar, to reconstruct a sort of daily existence which, in actual fact, is inexistent, by which we mean that Chavassieu is in a permanent state of having just departed, also from this sensation.
We are in the presence of a bona fide traveller, so we hasten to examine his habits.

The finest shoes, at all times. Not only comfortable, but of excellent quality.
Comfort as a limit to fashion and trends. A well balanced mix that culminates in an artfully studied casual chic style, consisting of T-shirts, grey roll-neck sweaters with jeans and unlined jackets. I have one I bought 15 years ago: “The best investment of my life”.
Fundamental rule: If the garment is not perfect and of excellent quality, I won’t buy it.
Mania: phone in the right hand pocket, keys and lip balm to the left.
Obsession: my own system for all practical matters, untouchable. Let’s get a taste of it with a description of The perfect suitcase.
Hand luggage, hard-sided and lightweight, with four wheels.

A single colour for everything and one fantastic white shirt, two or three pairs of jeans and comfortable shoes for doing a good deal of walking. Never a coat, a black cashmere sweater to wear under jackets is sufficient: I go from planes to cars and from hotels to restaurants.

Anti Jet Lag:
- neck brace: “it keeps my neck warm, I sleep well and get pampered by flight attendants who think I must be unwell”;
- noise cancelling headphones: “they cut out the roar of the aeroplane engines and I arrive at my destination feeling much more rested”;
- swimming costume: “It is essential to swim if there is a pool in the hotel. It helps combat jet lag”;
- battery chargers: “I buy two of every type I need and never remove them from the suitcase”;
- watch: “On departure, always synchronize it with the place you are heading for”.
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