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Anne Catherine Frey

Boyish elegance

A blogger stylist with a neat look, starting from her haircut.

You will recognize Anne-Catherine Frey, blogger and designer for the The Kooples fashion brand, by her haircut. Poised between masculine and feminine, it also works two ways: “If I wear my hair up it’s very short, otherwise I like to have the length on one side”. Even the colour is two-toned, highlighted with an unusual nuance of white: “I wanted a shade of grey, but it turned out like this and I’m keeping it”.

A hairstyle that is tantamount to a designer style, accompanied by basic garments such as buttoned shirts in all possible shapes and colours - tailored jackets and lace-ups with pointed toes. In brief, the classics of a man’s wardrobe.

As a little girl? “I was a skinny teenager and bought nothing but men’s clothes, skirts were out the question”.
Nothing has changed for Anne Catherine Frey:
she does not even have one dress in her closet.
She never wears high heels.
Makeup is as natural as possible with just a small concession in the way of eye shadow colour play.
She rarely wears a coat, preferring an extra jumper under her jacket to avoid spoiling her look.

A punk streak? “No, an outright passion for masculine elegance”.

Born of an architect father and raised in Luxembourg, her passion for drawing led her to choose an art school: “As a little girl, I used to draw for hours and was much happier on my own rather than surrounded by a crowd”. When she lived in Luxembourg, she often used to go to the Odeon cinema where she sat at the back on her own.

In actual fact, she likes people a lot, and loves to observe them: the most sophisticated street style has become her trade, that is to say, her blog A Truly Intriguing Subject. Nowadays, you could bump into her at the Café Flore “I enjoy the sights and the people”, or at Angelina’s: “I love clichés”.
Then she has her work as a fashion designer for The Kooples: the hours spent drawing as a little girl have produced their fruits.

Colours: all possible neutral shades apart from white.
Something feminine: transparent effects, some soft blouses, painted finger nails.
That special touch: the sparkle of small pieces of jewellery, in rock ‘n roll style.
At home: white furniture; I like black, even on the walls and if I decide to introduce a splash of colour, I instinctively use pink. In other words, soft girly touches in a dark graphic interior.
We notice the appearance of romantic details, glitter and sparkling objects: and what about these girly details? The passion for a masculine style is limited to the way she dresses.

The real reason? “Maybe an androgynous look is more convenient in its ambiguity”.
Never: heavy makeup, dresses and heels.
Always: colour only for accessories, and comfort above all because I hate feeling restricted in clothes.
Elegance: so long as it’s a very personal sort of elegance.
The secret of elegance: to move as naturally as possible. So, wear what you feel most at ease in and you will move better.
Cinema: the Millennium trilogy directed by Lars von Trier; favourite actress: Charlotte Gainsbourg.
The most beautiful actress: Keira Knightley, including the way she dresses.
Perfume: Comme des Garcons for men, or Philosykos by Diptyque. Nothing sweet, I’d rather have the church incense variety.
Cats: I love them because they’re so indifferent to everything.
She has a love/hate relationship with Max and Molly, the cats living in her mother’s house: “We wake each other up and generally torment each other, but it’s true love”.
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