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BON VOYAGE: Carolina Bucci

“My” Florence

A childhood in Florence, amidst the greys and light blues of the Italian Renaissance, colours she has never abandoned, along with an ever discreet sense of balance and elegance, either during the second phase of her existence in New York or, least of all, in the third and current one here in London, where we met up with her.

In line with a family tradition that dates back to 1885, Carolina Bucci is a jewellery designer but has added the contemporary twist of a precious style for everyday wear.
An international lifestyle that has already taken her to New York but is now based in London, without breaking the strong tie she continues to have with her elegant home town of Florence.
Here are her four cardinal compass points for getting around the city.

made to measure. That of young tailor Simone Abbarchi, whose atelier is close to Ponte Vecchio, appeals to a wide cross-section, and specializes in shirts. Played out in traditional colours, this is a classic with a personalized twist: his signature style consists in differing cuffs.

in a pensive mood. The walk that climbs up to Fiesole from San Domenico. The via di Fonte Lucente leading to the bench in pietra serena with a view of the entire city. “They say that Leonardo Da Vinci launched himself from here with wings”: hence the name Volo dell’Angelo (Flight of the Angel) given to the corner where Carolina allows her thoughts to take flight.

a delicious snack. The pizza and filled focaccia sold at the Cantinetta dei Verrazzano in via dei Tavolini, and above all the ceremony of bread and pecorino cheese: “They bring them to the table and grate the orange peel there and then, to which you add honey. Nowhere but in Italy do you find this sort of thing: so simple yet refined. For half an hour you feel as though you’re on holiday, a sensation that makes a busy day seem much lighter”.

essences. Bath salts, candles and perfume from the Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella between the Cathedral and the station. The freshness of verbena and mint for daytime use, and the warmer fragrances of amber and cashmere after dusk.

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