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STYLE SECRET: Caroline Issa

Three days in Paris

The ideal suitcase

Hers. That of the Fashion Editor of Tank magazine, blog author of but, above all, one of the most photographed women of the fashion world.
Spokeswoman of a style of her own, but now ours as well.

I always try to travel with hand luggage.
The secret is to use the same outfit for day and evening wear. Jewels and makeup can change the look of a garment and suits can be coordinated differently.
So, a boyishly cut suit of eccentric fabric can be teamed up with:
- a T-shirt during the day
- an elegant blouse for the evening

When it comes to dresses, accessories can totally transform the look.
Bags become mini and a piece of jewellery is added, generally of impacting dimensions, while lipstick and heels are toned up…

A pair of sandals and some elegant evening shoes: in theory that’s all you need.
I practically take more shoes than any other item.
I use very little makeup, but I have a lot of beauty cases: perfectly moisturized, unmade-up skin: that’s my second obsession.

And do you have any special trick?
That of having a second coat in my suitcase.
To alternate the colour scheme, fabrics and the male/female look and then: to steal the scene of course.

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