Figaro and I

“Figaro and I were made for each other! He was born 300 metres from the apartment I used to have in Saint Germain des Près. We met thanks to Sarah, a friend of mine from New York who also owns two dachshunds. They are truly unique dogs and we are both in love with this breed”

These are the words of Jean-Christophe Laizeau – Communications Director for Maison de Champagne Ruinart headquartered in Paris – as he reveals details of his particular art of fine living.

“I chose the name of an opera character for him: an important name that suits him to a tee. By the way, it is also the name of one of the most widely read French dailies, a particularly appropriate choice if you think of my profession!

What I most like about Figaro is his intelligence. He understands when I am in a hurry or when I have time for him and acts accordingly. He is very sociable with people and other dogs and at times is even capable of being standoffish. I find him very amusing! Just like his owner, he hates the rain because we both have “sunny” characters. He can doze for hours at the edge of a swimming pool under a blazing sun. He loves the countryside and I believe he would even like to ride a horse like me.

We like going for walks together. Since he is very obedient, I don’t use a lead. On weekends, we go for long walks and during the week we go jogging in the Bois de Boulogne opposite my home. A year ago we moved from St Germain to Neuilly. The Parisians tried to get me to change my mind but I must say this is the ideal place to live in when in Paris.

Neuilly is the Parisian Upper East Side and the Bois de Boulogne is an enchanting place.

We are inseparable. I take him with me to the office, to restaurants, when I travel or go to stay with friends for the weekend. People with children are delighted because Figaro is able to play with them for hours – his patience knows no limits. He is a dachshund easy to live with because, if I may say so myself, I have trained him very well.

Together we visit all four corners of the world, except England, because it is still quite complicated to obtain the necessary import licence. When I have to go to London, Figaro stays in my family home in the Loiret, in the country. We have nicknamed this place Prozac-sur-Loire because there is absolutely nothing to do there. But it is ideal for Figaro who wallows in the sun or sleeps.

Like me, Figaro adores Venice. Besides, the Venetians love dachshunds so, for this reason, as soon as we arrive we are in paradise. And then Figaro doesn’t even suffer from sea sickness!

Obviously, Figaro also likes NYC where he has plenty of friends: Gus, Cricket, Hélène and Jackeline, the dachshunds belonging to my friend Sarah and her daughter Whitney. His favourite shop in New York is Canine Style on Upper East Side!
When we travel together, I always use a bag that was given to me by Yves Carcelles. Figaro knows that when I get it out, we are about to go somewhere. So he runs off to look for his favourite toy and slips it into the bag, ready to leave!”

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