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Guillaume Desforges

Eclectic, with style.
The entrepreneur who opens restaurants and dreams of architecture.

His most recent appearance as a businessman was the opening of Pacifico, an haute cuisine Peruvian restaurant in Milan. There’s a waiting list for reservations: “Our vision of ceviche for young diners, served on Carrara marble, is working well”. (
Soon Pacifico will open in New York as well, while Pacifico Milan is opening the bar Illegal. Our young Guillaume Desforges, though, is much, much more. He has studied economics and math, and is thinking about a Master’s from Columbia University. A second point, more on the aesthetic front, that sets him apart: Guillaume has a feel for volumes.
The spaces in the Pacifico– are ample yet quite intimate – and his home in Milan can testify to this. Addicted to color (to be worn, as well: three pairs of green shoes serve as proof), he is even fonder of light, an ethereal element that Desforges treats like a solid, dividing interiors by capturing the daily movements of the sun’s rays. The white of his house is enlivened by this natural flux. How did he accomplish this? “By working on the shadows”.
An aesthetic sense that alternates with his mathematical side, resulting in an eclectic spirit, destined from birth, it appears. Two French grandmothers, an Italian grandfather and a grandfather from New York form the basic ingredients. Guillaume feels more…? “Depends on what we’re talking about. The family is more Italian, the friendships go back to childhood and are very French and the hyperactivity is a function of the New York roots.” Venture capital, restaurant management, a Master’s on the horizon: his true obsession? “Doing and building. A company that will outlive you.”

Guillaume’s Style.

I feel elegant: in a dark blue suit.
The best gift: the piece by Dai-Dai Tran, (thousands of banknotes, cut up and fused in plexiglass), and my pilot’s license.
In the suitcase: the Kindle, absolutely, I’m always reading several books at a time.
Music: just like cooking: I don’t play an instrument, but I like to try everything, check things out and listen. Recently I discovered Alt-J and I’ve always loved Daft Punk.
Interiors: simple materials. Volumes and objects made of marble, wood and glass. Minimalist spaces in which my obsession is the light, which I treat like a design element. In the evening? Dim lights.
Colors: green, petroleum blue, whites and red. Even my tux is blue, and double breasted.
The book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which explains why New York was built the way it was: the secret’s in a stone. And Tai-Pana novel by James Clavell that tells the story and the visionary business tactics of Struan the most famous pirate in the world.
The cinema: my favorite directors are Quentin Tarantinothe most imaginative, poetry by Emir Kusturica the action of Christopher Nolan
Worry: recently, about not managing my time properly. Neglecting relationships or being distracted, even with myself.
Never: without colors. Green, blue and red.
Always: double breasted suits and blazers.
The App: Uncrate where you can see a parade of the world’s oddest things, all for sale.
Two fine eateries:
• In Milan, the Latteria di via San Marco a little neighborhood place, but to me it’s the best restaurant in the world.
• In Vicenza (Brendola), the steak tartare at Al FogolareThe décor may not be top notch, but the food is truly excellent.
The store: Saturdays in New York, which has the greatest t-shirts anywhere.
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I felt the crisis in September, 2008. I went to work in Asia and then I took a sabbatical where I toured Australia with only a bathing suit and a toothbrush, and I remember this pair of Tod’s, …indestructible. After that adventure, I couldn’t bear to part with them.
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