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Jaime Ku

Business & Trends

Day and nightlife of a Hong Kong socialite.

Let’s start from the night, because that’s when most of the action takes place. Jaime, together with husband Benedict, art director and managing partner of Buzz Concepts, directs some of the top Hong Kong venues, such as Volar and Fly.

Both music lovers, they are renowned for their personal style: never conventional but undeniably chic.

Jaime draws on her tastes, filtered by a childhood in America and studies in California, to create new trends in Hong Kong. The city is looking forward to the imminent opening of the couple’s next club.

“I believe our venues are successful because we are constantly present, we experience them alongside our guests. If we were to lose contact, it would just be a business venture with none of the fun and less stimulus than today”.

Jaime’s own sense of style, the one of a trendy manager and a very mum as well.

I feel elegant: through the camera lens… I am up to my eyes in such a frenetic lifestyle that I rarely have any “my” time. When I have a photo session, I feel elegant not only because I am all dolled up but because I slow down and let myself go; I feel relaxed and focused on myself.

The outfit of my dreams: Jean Paul Gaultier Couture – His story fascinates me; my mother first introduced this brand in Hong Kong in the early 80’s and I grew up seeing men in skirts (laughter) and women dressed in avant-garde garments. Unfortunately the brand doesn’t do off-the-peg clothes any more, but this just increases my desire for his haute couture collections.

Luxury is: having time for myself. My days are packed with commitments for my children which have to be slotted into work appointments. Having a bit more time to sleep or to go to the hairdresser’s unhurriedly is pure utopia.

The most welcome gift: my husband’s poetry. Even his marriage proposal was a poem. There is something very sexy in a man that makes this sort of effort.

When abroad: I love to talk to strangers and learn about their history, culture and stories. I never leave town without my Chinese olive tea. I am very into old Chinese practices and traditions.

Favourite place: home. I don’t just mean a house made of bricks and mortar, but those I share it with: that’s where my heart is. My family means everything to me. Very banal, I know (she laughs) but that’s the way it is.

My sound track: every month my husband Ben organizes a DJ evening at our VOLAR club and he has impeccable musical tastes (love heart…laughter). He personalizes various types of playlists for me.

Interior Design: I believe in the “less is more” philosophy. When Ben designed our present apartment, he tried to strike a balance between form and function. He focused on simple materials and neutral colours, adding personalized touches such as collectibles, hand-crafted pieces and artworks purchased down through the years.

Favourite film: “two days, one night” by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and LucDardenne. Marion Cotillard was truly incredible.

• Not being connected. I would have a real panic attack if the phone didn’t work!
• I have an authentic inexplicable fear of inflatable balloons! As I said before, I don’t like surprises… I’m always afraid a balloon is going to burst at any minute!

Never: never say never... always think original.

Always: humility. I learn something new every day.

The app you use most on your cell phone: “Whatsapp” - I can’t do without it at all. I vaguely remember the old days when I couldn’t be reached 24/7 (laughter).

Two secret places:

1) The chef’s table in the kitchen of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Chinese restaurant. The food is never disappointing and it’s so much fun to take a peek around the kitchen;

2) Tung Bo - a Chinese restaurant located inside a market in the North Point district of Hong Kong. It is specialized in seafood and is very reasonably priced. The food is always fresh and exquisite. They serve tankards of beer and after 9 pm, the owner puts on techno music and everyone lets their hair down.

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