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MY BELOVED: Kyveli & Gilda

Seaside portrait of a dog accustomed to everyday glamour

The name is straight out of Hollywood: Gilda pays homage to the film that gave immortality to a certain Rita Hayworth on Glen Ford’s arm.

High hopes, therefore, for a beagle belonging to Greek-born Kyveli, a student of sculpture and designer of jewels with a most international vision of life. A name like Gilda plunges us straight into the glamorous 40’s, which is daring yet effective: “She’s exactly like the original Gilda”, says Kyveli of her dog.

And the photos confirm it.

The most idyllic days are those spent by the sea, in Greece or in Saint Barth. She has a real passion for the sea, so what better way to pamper her than dashing along the water’s edge.

From time to time she slips away from home to spend a quiet afternoon just having a look round and finding a way to get rid of her collar. She’s got a thing about metal: maybe she’s not convinced it suits her.

When the temperature rises, she cools down by dabbling her paws.

If everything goes according to plan, the perfect end to a nice day is a selfie with her mistress and a game of roaring in unison: Gilda knows the trick and performs.

Good behaviour is a must for a globetrotting dog: “She’s used to taking a taxi and travelling on the underground. You don’t even know she’s there when on board a plane and she’s perfectly behaved in restaurants”. Well, with a name like Gilda, what else would you expect?

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