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STYLE SECRET: Lucia Odescalchi

Jewels rules

The Princess divides her time between a new Milanese workshop and a dedicated space at home or, rather, in the Palazzo in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Roma, where she is now focused on new mounts. Alongside her sculptural jewels, the family heirlooms she reinterprets to order and the luminescent or, better still, light-reflecting series in plexiglass, she has now presented a new line: a concoction of emeralds and ruby chips, to which the designer adds natural rock crystals to increase the luminosity and reduce costs.

We ask her for some tips on style, or how to get adorned.

“Now more than ever before, we are in need of a breather, a slower pace. Even an accessory has to have the necessary space in which to express itself. Otherwise, instead of adding character, it stifles the overall effect”.

1 – Proportions: to support and lighten
- A long necklace always has to be worn on a long tunic length top, never on a blouse that is 20 centimetres shorter.
- Long earrings should never be worn with winter scarves and turtle necked sweaters, because they create a cluttered, untidy effect.
- Earrings have to be shortened with jackets too, so that they hardly touch the garment.
- In general, in a period in which fashion has no precise dictates because anything goes, the mirror is our only judge: follow yourself rather than fashion.

2 – Paradoxes: play at opposites
- If you are petite, go for low heels and large pieces of jewellery.
- If you are tall, your heels can be just as high, then go carefully with jewellery.
- Non-matching shoes and bag, but also shoes that contrast with the rest of the outfit. No matter how carefully studied, allure has to look uncontrived.

3 – The Piece: a touch of character
The beloved item that belies fashion and rules. As important as a beautiful jacket: wear it and an impact is assured.
It’s that little bit of personality you were lacking, put it on and it completes you. You only know your own when you find it. It takes on a sentimental value, for life and for style.

4 – Positioning: what and where.
On the coast clothes are reduced to a minimum so there is plenty of room for imagination: dare to dare with head-turning accessories. Long necklaces and earrings too.
In town jewels need to be more intellectual. Bracelets with ¾ length sleeves come into this category.
In the country that favourite ring goes with absolutely everything. A sign of character: no matter how valuable, no matter what the outfit, it can even be worn with a pair of jeans.

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