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Lucrezia Buccellati

Classical, with a Rock twist. And a lot of horseback riding.

At ease in New York City and in the countryside, jewels seen as paintings.

A life at full gallop. In between Milan and New York City all year long, from the classical origins to the contemporary world of the Big Apple. Always in motion, even at work in the family business thanks to transversal ideas: gold and art, gold and music, from the very beginning and at a young age. And at the end of the day, still at full gallop on her horse, literally: “it is my form of meditation, it calms me. Horseback riding allows me to take a break from my thoughts and to make order among them”.

Some of the last ones are about the Opera collection presented in Paris in July, the iconographic design that connects gold and diamonds to music in a fresh way. The collection was created together with her father Andrea: “we always work together trying to connect two generations. In the original team there were my grandfather and father”.

Lucrezia’s debut, first woman in the creative team of the maison, was Out of the box: a special smartphone cover with Leonardo’s sun, a combination between avantgarde and classic inspiration. “It’s my way of interpreting the energy I accumulate in New York City with Italian beauty and proportions”. Soon after that came Timeless Blue, 5 paintings revisited as jewelry thanks to extraordinary craftsmanship. She created this special and unique collection with her father Andrea and with the support of her husband David Wildenstein, part of the most renowned art dealer dynasty in the world.
At home? “In my home and in my life I need spaces to be open, just like a mind should be. I love the countryside and nature, it’s more organic: living in the city is a sacrifice”.

I feel elegant: with a piece of jewelry, that is not excessively big, which conveys a touch of refinement.

The outfit: biker jacket, leather boots: a pinch of rock on a classic look.

The best gift I have ever received: the bag David bought me. It’s the perfect size, I can fit everything in it and it’s not bulky.

In my suitcase: leggings, t-shirts and a curling iron.

For three days in Paris: leather jacket, statement bracelet, white shirt, jeans, leather pants, heeled booties and a Macbook Air-sized bag.

Music: electronic dance. Like the one played at Happy Ending, a New York City club.

At home: a hint of countryside style combined with zen minimalism.

Book: “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. I identify with the main character.

Fears: the dark and the depth of the sea, not knowing what is around me.

Always: nude lipstick for a touch of neatness. A necklace pendant. My hair down. Refined undergarments. Booties, also with skirts.

Never: skirts that are excessively long. Skin-tight shirts and t-shirts. Bulky handbags.

My favorite App: Shazam. And Looper to merge sounds.

Three addresses:
- Baroque Pearl, the fragrance that can be bought only in San Francisco, at Gump’s.
- The apricot pie from the pastry shop Panarello in Milan. I could eat it until I feel sick.
- Rebecca Minkoff’s virtual fitting rooms in New York City. You can scan clothing items with your phone and see them on your body in the digital mirror.

In my handbag: a pair of earrings. Lipstick. Sunglasses. Earphones to listen to music. “Emergency” light coverage foundation. Hand-cream. Sweater.

This pair of Tod’s boots, inspired by the horseback riding world, is the most iconographic item in my wardrobe. For this reason, I chose this and interpreted it with my trophies and childhood photos.
Horses have always been part of my life, even this wooden one, a gift from my father with which I used to play as a kid.
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