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MY MANIA: Matteo Sardagna

My socks

The focal point is in the drawer.
The gamble he takes with the colours– such as shades of grape – reveal the freely interpreted details which together make up the whole.
Sardagna combines fabrics and an ultra-classic sartorial touch: together he conducts them like a symphony.

There is an echo of the music and books he surrounds himself with, not to mention his close ties with the countryside. Ties with the Poderi Luigi Einaudi farms and the Dogliani estate, including the Relais set amidst the hues of the Langhe region.
Matteo handles the elegance of those colours, which he often wears himself, with a style that clothes his roots. Not least in his choice of socks, a flash of colour which we have decided to investigate.

He buys them. Anywhere, but not abroad. Matteo reckons they do not know how to make socks with same care and precision as in Italy.
The fabric. Mercerised cotton, without a shadow of a doubt, owing to its comfort.
The pattern. He prefers stripes but does not disdain polka dots when they put in an appearance. They are his latest purchases.
The colours. All, excluding grey-black-white.
The method. None. Codes are a thing of the past, or rather Sardagna has embraced he emotiveness of the moment. The socks are the order of the day.
The favourite pair. Maxi stripes in green and purple, made in cashmere.
The pair that recurs. The dark blue and burgundy stripe.
The date. It is a mania that started around the age of thirty.
A secret. He often buys them at the airport.
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