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BON VOYAGE: B.Nespor & E.Roncoroni

Round the world tour in fine dining experiences.

10 mandatory stops not to be missed.

Beniamino Nespor and Eugenio Roncoroni have already told us about their passion for food and how it became their job: they are up-and-coming chefs (also in great logistic expansion) on the Milanese scene, and elsewhere.
The guys have flair, having started to travel the world when they were children, as Eugenio recounts:
“Every time my mother went anywhere, we would eat the local speciality for six months. When it happened to be India, we went through a year of curry!”.

Today, they not only use pepper to aromatize the hot bread they serve on beds of straw, but to perfume their venueas well, equally pervaded with star anise and cardamom: “We love hunting around for new ideas.”.

So that the entire world and it’s multifarious eating habits end up in their dishes.

And here are some special addresses to try out and enjoy:
Together with Eugenio:
1. The French Laundry – Yountville, California: It’s the top for unparalleled classicism and decadence.
2. Mission Chinese Food - New York: for street food.
3. AsadorExtebarri –Atxondo, Spagna: the best grilled food.
4. In De Wulf - Heuvelland, Belgium: creative country fare, this is where I tasted the best bread of my life.
5. St. John Bar and Restaurant - London: the Mecca for offal lovers, the very essence of foodporn, almost similar to Dante’s Inferno.

Together with Beniamino:
1. Eleven Madison Park – New York: always a fantastic experience for its food, wine and incredible location.
2. Narisawa – Tokyo : incredible Euro-Japanese cuisine.
3. D.O.M. – Sao Paolo, Brazil: haute cuisine with some surprising Brazilian ingredients.
4. La Taqueria - San Francisco: the bestburrito con carnitas have ever eaten, not to be missed when in San Francisco.
5. Hertog – Zedelgem, Belgium: the temple of Belgian cuisine and an incredible experience.
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