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Beniamino Nespor & Eugenio Roncoroni

Chefs’ Style

Life in the Kitchen, with Style.

Today we are in Milan, to talk about Beniamino Nespor and Eugenio Roncoroni, and the shared passion that has become their profession: two up and coming chefs, constantly on the move.
It all started in 2011 with “Al Mercato”, a restaurant in via Sant’Eufemia flanked by the first Burger Bar, whose winning street food format, their own, is one of exquisite quality.
A very small dining room, which makes it particularly charming and exclusive (reserving a table can be tough) with a kitchen on full view and another smaller more basic room. A smart management and an extremely variegated offering: hamburgers, Chinese chicken wings, tacos and nachosfrom Latin America, spring rolls and club sandwiches, which add up to a global street food menu.
“Noodles” opened in June to serve nothing but spaghetti, right opposite the Bocconi university. Next step, Mexico. Same style as the food served in via Sant'Eufemia, as interpreted by Al Mercato, with meat roasted in a wood-fired oven and accompanied by sauces – all strictly home-made.

These two young chefs have plenty of imagination, they have travelled the world, even as kids at home, as Eugenio tells us: “Whenever my mum went anywhere, we would eat the local speciality for six months. Following her trip to India, we had curry for a year”. Now, they not only add spices to hot bread resting on a bed of straw, but also to the ambiance. Equally permeated with star anise and cardamom: “We like to try things out”. To put the world and its ways on our table.

Oddly, their style - which is by no means lacking, accurately studied and somewhat similar – does not attempt to experiment new concoctions but, on the contrary, tends to generate a particular type of allure that is intentionally vintage.

Here is a snapshot, item by item.

Eugenio Roncoroni
Let’s start from shoes and move upwards …

A basic? A well-made ankle boot.
Socks? Nothing but blue or black.
Trousers? With turn-ups and quite close-fitting.
Darts? Indifferent.
The best fabrics? Of high quality, even if it’s just cotton.
Shirt? I love spread collars.
Belt? A slightly quirky buckle, so long as the overall impact is right.
Knitwear? Cardigan.
Overcoat? It depends on the wearer’s age: figure-hugging for the young.
Umbrella? I just get wet.

A classical dresser, he saves his experimental streak for the kitchen.

Beniamino Nespor
This time, we’ll start from the top …

Overcoat? Camelhair.
Knitwear? Cardigan.
Your signature style? I use colour a lot.
Trousers? Jeans or drainpipe models, with darts.
Shoes? Leather of the highest quality. Soles have to be leather too.
Umbrella?A cap.

Colourful. When it comes to clothes, he is the more vivacious of the two but, back in the kitchen, he takes the cake when it comes to precision, with an ultra traditional approach. Take grams and milligrams, for instance.

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