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MY MANIA: Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck

The Sound of Tatiana

The rhythm-seeking electro lady

Years of fashion, marketing and communications preceded the turnaround in her career: audio books and other top secret projects that drew Baroness Gecmen Waldeck – her Tod’s Portrait will be published soon – to the world of music.

“It has been following me every day of my life, in the car or at home, on the plane or at work, cutting me off from the rest of the world”. A passion that has almost become an obsession, a form of research: “I no longer go discoing for social reasons, or clubbing to meet up with friends, I just go around on the lookout for DJs and quality sounds”.

The plot. It all started with classical stuff, a childhood spent largely in Salzburg, among classical music festivals, operas and concerts.

Then came the car trips with her parents which, in her case, meant full immersions in the notes of the Eagles, Police, Led Zeppelin, Kim Wilde and later on the Neville Brothers, Roxy Music and Sade. “In those days, we used to record music from the radio: Prince, the Talking Heads and Depeche Mode, until CDs finally came out: end of the recordings, start of the information”.

From then on, she was plunged into darkness, that of the evenings spent in discos, when Tatiana started to contact DJs, taking note of emerging names and asking for CDs in order to archive new tracks.
“Then the MP3 came onto the market with the possibility to download and create a playlist and now we have streaming… but I continue to research regardless. Especially on Sound Cloud”.

Tatiana’s playlist.

classics: Massive Attack, Radiohead, Beck e These New Puritans, Antony and the Johnsons, Nico Muhly.
current obsessions:Agnes Obel’s atmospheres, the sounds compiled by Dream Koala, Soko with her humorous texts and her French-sounding English, comprising all of her collaborations.
research: Efterklang, Jay-Jay Johanson, Princess Chelsea, Lulu Rouge.
soundtracks: Angelo Badalamenti for Twin Peaks, Ennio Moricone and all the music he wrote for westerns, Wojcieck Kilar for Coppola’s Dracula and the recent Arcade Fire soundtrack for Her, a film directed by Spike Jonze.
the store: In Portugal, in the city of Porto, indicated by the shop sign “Materia Prima” (Raw Material).
the date: For the first time this year I’m going to the music festival par excellence, the one put on in Glastonbury in England at the end of June.

Disco choice.

Berlin. “The number One city. I love Kater Holzig, the club with a different sound and a different mood in each room, with its view of the canal. Otherwise, I go to the Club der Visionaere, which is tiny inside but enormous outdoors, enabling you to sit on the canal bank under a gigantic weeping willow”.
London. The coolest date is in East London, at the Plastic People. Title of the show: Behind this wall, with underground music all the way in a black boxlike venue.

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