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STYLE SECRET: Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck

Portrait of Tatiana at Home

A journey among thoughts, countries and flavours.

Let us meet Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck, a mid-European aristocrat who has lived in many capital cities, currently spending her time between London and Milan, due to an audio book project: her voice can be heard as narrator with experimental music in the background.

Her father photographed for Vogue in New York in the sixties when Diana Vreeland was there; her mother has always been surrounded by artists, writers and stylists: "I was brought up in a contemporary environment."

At her home in Milan a ping pong table flourishes for dining on. A wallpapered corner recalls an ancient boudoir, while exotic objects from all over the world punctuate an olive green room. Sophisticated international magazines are piled up on the chairs. "They're all to do with friends."

Habitually having guests and sharing, let's see her habits.

1 - Some guests have to be physically attractive

2 - Mixing age and origin: young people seek wisdom, old people freshness, everyone is looking for someone who is different.

3 - Beauty aside, everyone must bring something to the group and have something peculiar.

4 - Offering only quality things. If you choose ham and mozzarella, make sure they're very good. Even almonds, and wine above all, everything must be uniquely exquisite.

5 - Feeling at home in an atmosphere that is not so formal yet sophisticated.
6 - Mixing flavours, spices and scents; letting meals take you on culinary adventures

7 - A nice group of diners is better than a perfect dinner table I'd rather have three different sets of dishes, inherited and bought, poor and precious, china and ceramic together, but no boring people around.

8 - Always have flowers and candles

9 - Never use anything made of paper; the best tablecloth is made of Indian linen.

My home has lots of books, many are from my grandmother on my mother's side. The titles range from 19th century French books, the classics and travel books. However, before they were the classic content of a library, but Tatiana is using them differently. These are the base of a centre table, otherwise stacked in the corridor as an alternative bookcase with a fine selection.

What about the ping pong table turned into 18 place dining table? "I like breaking the rules."

The Fornasetti wallpaper covering the corner decorated in a vaguely decadent style has a Gothic touch: the shining skulls give a punk touch that goes with the retro play.

Another game, that of the habillé tables, revisited in a contemporary way pertains to matter above all. Tatiana has removed the classic cloth covering them that comes down to the floor and replaced it with leather fastened with nails.

This "rock" revisitation is in her son's bedroom as well, where a desk has been covered in leather all the way down to the ground.
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