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Yijia Tiong

Media, Food and Renaissance

The three passions of a young lady from Hong Kong
She chose to locate her restaurant, Tabibito, in the Po Hing Fong area, so she could feel far removed from Hong Kong. It is of Parisian memory, the details are chic and the elements are hystorical.
History is the first love of Yijia the entrepreneur. She thinks Renaissance, fascinated by the philosophy and history of the sixteenth century. Each time she admires a work of art from that era, her point of view always takes her back to the harmony of that period.
With her part Malaysian and part Singaporean background, Yijia is now taking on the challenges in the media business. She enjoys it as, in her words, “it is a human business, where you get to see the world throughout different light”.
For the last year and a half, pride of place has gone to Dazzle: a male Border Collie from New Zealand, the eighth-born of a “prize-winning” family, who really behaves like a little brother.
I feel elegant: In shirts and jeans and comfy pair of loafers.
The outfit of my dreams: a dress that complements your body perfectly.
Luxury is: when you can afford anything but you are so contented and choose not to get it.
The most beautiful present I’ve ever received: a painting from my husband who he spent days claiming he was playing computer games instead.
In my suitcase:
- flats,
- a pair of heels,
- Jeans,
- a cashmere jumper,
- leather jacket.
My favorite place: Tuscany and Florence.
My Soundtrack: some old alternative mixes of Phoenix and Rufus Wainwright.
How to style a home: going natural is always what I like, a way to balance everything else that’s sleek and streamlined in the house. Like to play around with different shades of wood with leather in the house to create more textures. I pay the most attention to our washroom as it’s a place where I wind down from a long day of work. I like to give extra space in the free standing tub area. Light in any room is critical; enlarge windows and doors to give the extra feeling of space.
Favorite Book/Movie: The Intouchables, the french movie by Éric Toledano.
Fears: to loose someone important.
Never: to say something you’ll regret.
Always: try to be on time.
The app I use the most on my phone: Ynews as you can see all the important titles in the world at a glance.
Three confidential addresses:
- The Greenhouse suite in Il Salviatino Hotel (Florence);
- the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya;
- my grandparents’ place in our hometown, Sibu (Malaysia).
If in HK:
- Hiking from Parkview to Stanley via the twin peaks have such beautiful scenery;
- Vbest on Elgin street for homey Chinese food if you are feeling homesick;
- The little village in Tai O, in Lantau Island, for some quality relaxation time.
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