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Enrique Solís

The spirit of the Spider.
A Manifesto of life and elegance, by a creative businessman in Spain.

A little ahead and a bit behind the current vogue: the elegance of a dandy, balancing the times with assurance that comes from within.
That is certainly the case of the Spaniard Enrique Solís, son of Miguel Angel de Solís, Marqués de la Motilla and Carmen Tello. Aristocratic both in his appearance and in the taste proposed by his brand The Seelk (
A world of silk ties and bowties, accessories that tinge the style of those who wear them with a retro flavor and contemporary refinement.
His motto is: “Don’t be a sheep, be a spider”, meaning don’t follow the flock, weave your own web.
Which should be woven, according to Solis, striving for perfection, with curiosity and intuition, smiles and indulgence. Conventional standards excluded.
Boarding school in Seville, followed by a course in International Business Administration in Madrid and then work, divided between Paris, London and New York – culminating in a return to business operations in Madrid.
Fascinated by interiors and architecture of the past, but sensitive to the appeal and functionality of contemporary solutions, with The Seelk Enrique has spun a double career for himself.
Close to his styling path referred to The Seelk accessories, such as the newly launched Bag in three different sizes, designed by Enrique himself, there’s the Design Hotel business One Shot Hotels , which involves Enrique, a partner -Luis Felipe Mendienta- and his three brothers.
“Spontaneous hotels, each one of a kind, with an artistic flair. Each of them has its own personality, like the buildings that house them, especially in terms of design.”
Last April in Valencia, the inauguration of the fourth Solis Hotel. Two in Madrid, two in Valencia and a new inauguration will soon follow in the native town of Seville. Then again for the planning in 2017 in Madrid and Barcelona. “We hope we will soon become international with our Hotels”. (London, Paris or NY, maybe)
Leisure time – a rarity – is divided between contrasting passions for the mountains and the sea. Just as his love for the family seat, the palazzo in Seville, is counterpoised by the appeal of the capital of dandyism, Paris.
I feel elegant: being myself without eccentricities. To be natural, means to NOT act/play. Which sometimes is the most difficult thing.
The outfit of my dreams: 2 opposites ones: first, should be a vintage black velvet tuxedo smoking. Second, a 3 pieces suit in linen white with a thin blue stripe. These are my dreams…. priceless!
Luxury is: to me, luxury is not about material things. Luxury is experience. In fact, I would define luxury as: “that, what makes me lose track of time”. To be above expectations.
The most beautiful present I’ve ever received: one I will never forget was something like a coupon, in which I could find 15 different things to do in the following 15 days: a flight, a museum ticket, a pair of shoes, or even a kiss, or just experience the sunset with her. I am sure I won’t forget it!
In my suitcase: always, always: my sunglasses, the book of the moment (I use to read 2 at the same time: one more technical in order to learn, and one novel, to relax and get entertained). A White T-Shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers, with a navy blazer jacket for more formal dinners.
My favorite place: mountains in winter time, for the freedom of skiing. Otherwise in summer a lonely beach in the south of Spain. Just listening the sound of the sea waves.
My Soundtrack: from the movies Braveheart, Gladiator and The Last of the Mohicans.
How to style a home: first of all, feel comfy, it’s for me and my guests.
Favorite Book: a book which had a high impact on me, was “The Confessions of San Agustin”.
Favorite Movie: without any doubt it’s “The Great Beauty” (Sorrentino – Italy) I saw it for 3 times in 3 following weeks at the cinema.
Fears: to have such high expectations that you cannot reach them. To live too fast, so that you do not even realize the way your present appears.
Never: think you are more than others. Never look differently from who you are.
Always: a white T-shirt with a blazer jacket is always a good idea for any occasion.
The app I use the most on my phone: Spotify, Instagram and Nike Running. I use these 3 daily and I do not think I need anything else.
The City I love: I really love London, Paris and I was very impressed by Berlin recently, but I should say any better than Madrid, which joins all ingredients: fun, weather, people, culture…

My confidential addresses:

•   At Corazon Bar, cool and eclectic place. (Calle de Valverde, 44)

•   At Tatel, for dinner, with live music and amazing interior design with a perfect Mediterranean food. (Paseo de la Castellana, 36-38)

•   At Arts Club is a must on a Friday night for a drink. (Calle de Velázquez, 96)

•   And finally I would recommend for a design dedicated shopping: Anglomania Tailor Boutique (Calle de Villanueva, 16) and LA Studio. (Calle de Castelló, 8)

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