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Luis Garcia Fraile

The sense of Luis for interiors.
Mirrors, textiles and unexpected space: contemporary interiors by Garcia Fraile.

With a degree in Business Administration and experience in the financial sector under his belt, five years ago the Spanish-born Luis Garcia Fraile turned his career upside down and became an acrobat of interiors. In fact, a Madrid-based interior designer much in demand, who designs spaces that convey the most classic of décor concepts combined with irresistible whimsy, as can easily be seen from his Instagram profile Luchogf. His studio, LGF Spaces, creates spaces that stand out for their use of contrasts of scale: “On a large wall, a single painting becomes an object. In any case, to capture the eye, I prefer solutions that are very small or very large: I’m not fond of the in-between.” Clever combinations of textiles, ethnic or classic, juxtaposed against the object they cover, carpets in plastic colors: Garcia Fraile takes chances with new materials, but his use of mirrors recalls ancient history: “To understand contemporary trends, you must also know the past.” He imagines today’s interiors as “Increasingly lighter and more luminous, like the new world interlinked on the web.” His own future he sees in designing for private clients, preferably public spaces like hotels or restaurants, “Where you can pull out all the stops.” Let’s steal some style tips, and not only about clothes.

I feel elegant: in a suit. Single breasted.
The dream outfit: Jeans and a white t-shirt.
Luxury: never having to justify yourself, total freedom.
Best gift ever received: a medal my grandmother gave me. I never take it off.
In my suitcase: Jeans, sneakers, a blazer, a pair of black dress shoes, a white shirt, two coats, colored scarves. Beauty case and Ipad.
My favorite place: my family’s house in the south of Spain, in Marbella.
Music: Coldplay, Barry White, Gipsy Kings.
Movie: “Pocketful of Miracles”, a Frank Capra film, shot in 1961. The story really gets to you.
A fear: getting old and not being able to do everything I have in mind. For example, I’d like to do a parachute jump one day.
Never: knock-offs, in the closet or around the house. Never buy copies: it’s the original or nothing.
Always: natural materials and textiles.
Favorite App: Spotify.

A few addresses in Marbella.
Morning to evening ………

10a.m. A walk and a café for breakfast in the historic center. My suggestion: the churros at Plaza de los Naranjos.
12p.m. Sun and surf at Treasure Beach (near the Hotel Don Carlos).
3p.m. Raw fish for lunch at the Puro Beach Club.
5p.m. Shopping in Puerto Banús.
At Elite I replenish my store of Aqua Universalis scent, by the French masion Francis Kurkdjian.
10p.m. The Hotel Marbella Club, for the atmosphere and the cocktails, like the Bellini, for example. From the menu, their Solomillo Wellington.
00.00: The climax to a perfect day, dancing at the Dreamer’s Dance Club: “Savage and cool”.
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