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The Castle Band

An indoor group photo.
Natural Sophistication.

Naturalness as an element of style, to serve as a point of departure and a place to come back to, the sooner the better. Having just left behind adolescence and its rituals, dance parties and evenings at the disco. Four girlfriends: two who work and two who study, young but clad with sophisticated elegance: they already know who they are, and not just in terms of style.
Maddalena Floriani and Allegra Benini went to school together and are now working, Maddalena in the medical field and Allegra for a communications company in the luxury sector. Shared school desks for Giulia Gariboldi and Matilde Archinto, too, then advanced studies in jurisprudence and design.
Their aesthetic is imbued with the timeless Italian Style.
Art, museums, film and landscapes serve as backgrounds, sets for the passages of adolescence that brought them back, to stay, in the world of neo simplicity: that kind of simplicity that is reached only, and not always, through a certain maturity.
They are already there: jeans and white shirts as the ideal uniform, books stacked on the night table, music chosen also from the past: yes to going out, but yes to staying home and cooking a meal with friends, too.
Twenty-something, very fresh and few worries: they’re not on a diet and don’t care about missing out: with an eye to the future and exact replies to questions about their likes and dislikes.
Here are their answers.

I feel elegant: in jeans and a white shirt.
The best gift: a trip to Myanmar.
In the suitcase: hairbrush, facial masque, headphones, jeans and denim shirts jeans, black t-shirt, pyjamas and flats.
Music: I listen to some electronic stuff, and I also love Coldplay and Barry White.
Interiors: Provence atmospheres: arched windows, plants and terracotta tiles on the floor, a couple of columns and almost everything white.
The book: Embers by Sandor Marai. I devoured it in a day and a half, and I’ve never stopped thinking about it since.
The film: anything by Quentin Tarantino.
Fears: of being alone.
Never: sloppy hands. Yellow.
Always: grandmother’s chain and antique Colombian pendant.
The App: Instagram.
Two places:
- Il giardino dei Tarocchi the art park near Capalbio, in Tuscany.
- Es Xarcu the chiringuito on the beach in Ibiza: not very à la mode, but very intimate.
The SPA. : Il Verdura Resort in Sciacca, Sicily: a fairy tale for the eyes.


I feel elegant: dresses in blue or white, with a shirt.
The best gift: my cat, who we found in a trash bin.
In the suitcase: Lots of jumpers. I don’t change trousers and I forget the other things.
Music: Bob Dylan and David Bowie.
Interiors: vintage parquet and light-coloured walls.
The book: Elective Affinities by Wolfang Goethe: that’s how life is.
The film: Barry Lyndon directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Fears: of disease, without a doubt and without pause.
Never: glittery, gaudy things, t-shirts with images.
Always: Jeans and long hair.
The App: Shazam, to capture music that’s floating around you in the air in that instant.


I feel elegant: in a long gown with 12-inch heels.
In the suitcase: jeans and miniskirt, lingerie and a long-sleeved leotard, men’s shoes.
The best gift: grandmother’s ring, with a pearl.
Music: from the nineties: Oasis, Coldplay, Juan Luis Guerra.
Interiors: never parquet, all grey, black and white.
The book: Asylum by Patrick McGrath, very intense.
The film: Once Upon a Time in America and everything by Tim Burton.
Fears: too many, and they’re getting worse.
Never: flesh-tone stockings, bras with plastic shoulder straps.
Always: black, perfume and mascara.
The App: Woman log, to check your cycle.
The places:
- Orvad a sweets shop in Osnago, outside Milan.
- l’Osteria dei poeti on corso Garibaldi, in Milan: just a few tables, but good ones.
The shop: the costume jewels in via Nicolini in Milan’s Chinatown. The owner is Chinese, but his friends call him Mauro.
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