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Agnes Fischer

Swimwear Obsession
A swimwear collection reflecting a cosmopolitan aesthetic.

Born in Sweden and growing up between Stockholm and St.Barths, then Paris after high school, and later New York where she graduated from Parsons: cultural and meteorological contrasts - between Scandinavian modesty and Island exile – which had formed Agnes Fischer’s aesthetic and today work. As creative director and entrepreneur, currently based between Europe and St.Barths, ready to launch her Swimwear brand (FISCH -

My entire life I’ve been obsessed with swimwear. My first bathing suit, at 5 years old with my mother in Paris: a turquoise one, with a fruit print. I think I still have it somewhere.
Swimwear, to me is an extremely cultural and personal thing, different countries have different styles, and cut. I personally like when things are on the smaller side, it’s the best for a good tan, I’m very active and swim a lot so a good fit is key.
Inspiration? From everywhere. Pictures, places, music... for swimwear I get a lot from looking at pictures, I love Herb Ritts and Marc Hispard's photos of Stephanie Seymour from the late 80’s and of course I’m obsessed with everything by Newton, the master to capture both elegance, sex and power at the same time. I also find inspiration from Graphic Design and Art, I love everything by Alexander Brodowitch, weird Dadaism collages or Old album covers from the 60s to the 80s.
Fashion is now switching from minimalism and androgynous silhouettes to a more maximalistic and romantic era. If you look at tv‐shows like Vinyl or what’s happening in fashion right now, it’s so much color, accessories, patchwork, gold and prints on prints bringing the female silhouette back. An esthetic that aligns with my personal style.
As a designer I want to create pieces that last and don’t go out of style. My swimwear is from recycled nylon found in discarded fishnets: a product for the ocean that basically cleans the ocean.
Right now I’m into a color palette of a little darker, earthy tones I think they can be very flattering. A good pink or orange is also a good idea. I love prints, vintage inspired dark tropical themes or bold abstracts. I take a lot of inspiration from St.Barths, the raw beauty and brutality of the landscape, the old Swedish houses in pastel colors that you see in Gustavia and all the cactuses and plants you see everywhere.
To me elegance is probably the way people carry themselves, it’s something you can’t buy or construct. It’s not only about style or fashion, there are so many aspects to it, the way someone sets the table, the way they speak, the sound of their voice and they way they treat people around themselves.
Agnes in details

I feel elegant: There is nothing better than my mother’s old clothes. The amazing Yves Saint Laurent, Ungaro and Chanel pieces, from the late 80’s, that she saved for me.
Luxury is: A good conversation over a home cooked meal in a beautiful place.
The most beautiful present: I’ve ever received: Education. good schools, travel and chance to meet inspiring people.
In my suitcase: Bikinis, a good pair of boots, keys and dog food.
My favourite place: By the ocean.
My Soundtrack: I love both Maria Callas and New Order. Recently I have been listening a lot to DIIV with Nikki and The Dove’s new album.
Movies: I shamelessly like to walk around and pretend I live in a Wes Anderson or Sophia Coppola movie.
How to style a home: A piano, some art, lots of books, plants and scented candles!
Favorite Book: I think Joan Didion is one of the most brilliant writers of all time. How she switches between literary journalism and fictional narrative, the wit in her punchlines....
Fears: ​Negative energy, ignorance and bad taste.
Never:​ Without my dog Patti. She has so much love and so much character, a typical daschund and she makes me laugh every day. I bring her everywhere.
Always​: Remember how short life is, do what you love.
The app: I use the most on my phone: Spotify.

4 Addresses I love:

–  St. Barths: Grand fond and the natural pools. It’s something so majestic and dramatic about the landscape, it makes you feel you’re on a different planet. It’s both tropical and bergmanesque at the same time. It is probably one of my favorite locations to shoot.

–  New York: ​Antique Showplace in Chelsea and the flea market next to it. I love going there to look for furniture and vintage clothes. There are just so many beautiful or weird things to look at. It’s very inspiring.

–  Paris​: Cafe de Flore, ​I know it’s cliche but I love it. The people watching is great.

–  Stockholm: T​hielska Galleriet ​(The Thiel Gallery). It’s a gorgeous Art Noveau Palace basically unaltered since 1924. It has an outstanding collection of Munch and Swedish 20th century artists such as Bruno Liljefors, Anders Zorn and Eugene Jansson. Every time I go there I feel like I’m in a film.

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