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Emmanuelle Rio

The Interior Design Hunter

A sense of style applied to country and urban living.

“I love to select and combine different elements”: she refers to objects, among other things, to interiors-belonging to others- the kind of interiors one can create from the selection available on her website, which she directs and experiences first hand. She talks about her search for craftsmen and products as though it were a treasure hunt.
When in Paris she hunts out subtle delicacy, in London she seeks fabrics and weaves in assertive colours whilst Italy puts its manual skills at her disposal.
Densely packed with travel and discovery, such is the life of Emmanuelle Rio, whom we meet in her sublimely elegant country home outside Paris, complete with a flower-filled park and the vintage spirit of a place suspended in a bygone age of beautiful things.
But Emmanuelle lives in the city, on board planes and in the digital world of her own creation.
We question her in random order about her doublelifestyle interpretation.

Personal secret: every day is very well organized. Next, always lend a hand to others: I believe in a positive karma that has to be cultivated.

At home: Indian fabrics have the most beautiful colours so anything Indian that lends itself to interior design… is fine.

The spirit of Emmanuelle, summed up in three elements:
- romantic clothes by Alice Temperley or Portobello,
- her perfume Jardin de Bagatelle or l’HeureBleue,
- candles Diptyque.

Beauty secret: as natural as possible, it’s much more elegant.

Her eccentric side: a touch of colour, the cut of a coat, a pair of eccentric earrings.

Accessories: if they have a strong personality they will determine the rest. Earrings have to be large, bags are fun and very elegant, shoes should recall variations of men’s slipper models.

Film: Anna Karenina, starring Keira Knightley.

Favourite flower: peonies.

The perfect vase of flowers: a mixed bunch that expresses wildness, impacting colours with various nuances and something rustic in between.

Colour palettes: blue-pink, pink-purple-red.
Inside her bag, I use small ones:
- phone,
- wallet,
- keys,
- handkerchief,
- lipstick.

In the country:
- jeans,
- white shirt,
- a nice belt,
- cashmere jumper,
- velvet flats,
- a soft handbag, maybe in camel coloured canvas with leather handles,
- a fur vest,
- a striking pair of earrings for evening wear.

In town:
- dresses,
- coats of sartorial cut,
- high heels.

Must have:
- a white shirt in a marvellous cotton fabric,of the sort of quality that hits you immediately. Oversized with a masculine cut;
- a little black dress, but only if it is played down, otherwise the result is banal and boring.

Retro touch Country style: a colour scheme of blue, cream and a touch of vermilion. Jeans with tiny jumpers and large eyewear models. The romanticism of billowy white dresses, velvet pants with cashmere jumpers and flat shoes.

Obsession: I collect hats. They provide the finishing touch.
Each time I go on a trip, I come back with a straw hat.
In summer, large and eccentric, often in white.
In winter, 70’s style wide-brimmed felt hats of the type worn by men.

Useful addresses:
- Masculine-styled hats from Maison Michel in Paris;
- Ultra feminine models tailor-made by Gallia e Peter in Milan.
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