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Filippo Vitta Zelman

A publisher with digital passion.
The world of books filtered through techno inventions.

On the cutting edge of the digital revolution, Filippo Vitta Zelman focuses his innovative impetus on the family publishing house in the area of marketing and communications.
Over the past year, among other projects, he worked on the re-launch of Club Skira - 60 thousand members who can take advantage of benefits and exclusive offers – ( ) and the updating of the exhibit on Leonardo Da Vinci at Palazzo Reale in Milan, introducing the Being Leonardo App: a special digital project he coordinated, which – thanks to 3D Samsung Gear VR glasses – transformed visitors’ experience into a full-immersion 360° virtual reality. Still on young Vitta Zelman’s drawing board there are audio-guide systems for tablets, precious volumes and numbered editions.
His cultural eclecticism is also reflected in his appearance: always appropriate, but outside the canons of tradition: “To me, the word ‘outfit’ is hard to define. I have lots of them, and they’re all mine.”
Filippo’s sense of elegance includes both chalk stripe suits and track suits and running shoes: “My friends have gotten used to seeing me dressed in very different ways, there’s nothing odd about it.” Let’s see.

-I feel elegant: when I do a good deed, even for animals: I support Sea Shepherd in its daily battle against whale hunters and the slaughtering of dolphins. On weekends, I support canine associations outside of town.
-The perfect outfit: A comfy hemp shirt, linen pants, a pair of sunglasses and a lightweight summer shoe.
-The best gift: an old Rolex, an Oyster with a black dial and a crocodile watchband: a gift from my grandfather that I only wear on special occasions.
-The suitcase: for business or pleasure: shorts and gym shoes. Since I was small, sports has always been part of my life… even just going out to run for an hour or so.
-Music: Lucio Battisti, you pick the one you like best. His songs are masterpieces.
-InteriorDecor: a set of bookshelves, a comfortable, extra-large couch and lots of photographs on the walls.
-The book: Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.
-The movie: The Thomas Crown Affair, a brilliant and highly entertaining heist film with a surprising climax, and Dances with Wolves, history and adventure in a cult version.
-Fear: an obstacle to be faced and overcome.
When I was very young I would free dive every summer. Once I couldn’t get deeper than a certain point, because I was afraid of the cold, the shadows, the unknown, of getting too far away from my world. But by sticking to it and practicing, today I can go deeper than 30 meters. And being in harmony with the sea, outside the daily routine, makes me aware of things that only that world, so different and magnificent, can reveal.
-Never: purple and a blazer and pants.
-Always: blue, like the sea.
-Routines: Sunday evening at the movies, 10 o’clock show. In track suit and sneaks, fresh from my practice workout.
-No-no: betraying someone’s faith in you.
-Favorite app: Being Leonardo, the virtual app that provides a full immersion in the world of Leonardo da Vinci.
-My secret addressess:
-in Panarea, one of the Aeolian islands, a well-mixed drink looking out over the sea from the terrace of the Raya.
( After 14 consecutive summers, the island is now a second home.)
-The Muottas Muragl restaurant, at night in Saint Moritz: a splendid dinner with a view of the entire valley of the Engadine.
-The football pitch at Leone 13°, the Milanese high school and its team, with which I’ve been playing for over 3 years, 3 times a week.
-Don Kenya Run, a little shop in Via Donatello in Milan, specialized in technical materials and running shoes. Matteo, the owner, helps to inform all my choices.
-A little wave-washed rock about 7 miles away from the island of Ponza, in the Tyrrhenian sea: literally a speck in the middle of the water, a paradise for divers. But not an easy one: the current is strong and the bottom drops off sharply.

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