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Giada Mariani

What goes into the Jade Box

The art, blog and creative flair of a young multi-media Italian girl.

Born: in Germany
Father: Italian
Mother: German
Raised: in Florence
Lives: in London

Giada Mariani has transformed her father’s Italian sense of refinement and her mother’s creative background into her own precious casket of marvels: “In der Kiste”, the box containing her blog and her interests.

“From a very early age, I have amused myself by playing with my creativity, giving it a form I still consider to be hazy.”

From her photographer mother she has inherited her sense of image, from her father engaged in the fashion business, a taste for beautiful things and refined details.

A childhood and adolescence spent in Florence did the rest so, when Giada moved to London to study at the London College of Communication, she was already sufficiently competent to create a story of her own.

That of her blog, portraits of people and places, whose impact we imagine will change again, as soon as Giada has finished her studies in Illustration and Visual Media.

“When I think of my near future, I see myself returning to live in Italy, a country I am madly in love with.”

In the meantime, with In der Kiste, she gives vent to her passions: homes and furnishings, people and lifestyles in a fusion of languages and multimedia forms.

“I talk about talented young Italians and people who arouse my curiosity in their surroundings; I like to observe them through their personal possessions.
This site is the extension of the diaries I have always written since I was a little girl, the photographs and videos I have made and which I have often tried to compile in books, personalized short films and boxes full of recollections.
Hence, In der Kiste, that is to say, in the box.”

Giada, who is observant and curious, has always collected her special moments in beautiful boxes. Now we shall open the one describing her own style.

I feel elegant: elegance is a way of speaking, moving and behaving. It is about adapting successfully and feeling at ease in any context.

The outfit of my dreams: the one worn by Jean Seberg in ‘A Bout de Souffle’ by Godard. Few pieces of jewellery, but simple and sophisticated at the same time. I don’t like rings. Jeans, flat shoes, blouses and the necklaces I have picked up around the world.

The most welcome gift: Juno, our golden retriever and my typewriters.

In my suitcase: a diary, my coloured adhesive tapes, a playlist, a white T-shirt and a camera.

Music: I associate music with particular moods and places and I choose it to suit where/how I dream of being/feeling. Jamiroquai or Stevie Wonder in the morning, Indie-rock during the day and jazz in the evening. A bit of everything from Buena Vista Social Club to Cat Stevens and electro-swing.

Interior Decor: I believe a home should represent the personality of its inhabitants. I love luminous houses with antiques and lived-in materials mixed with more contemporary, contrasting lines. My first purchase for my London home was a vintage flower cart I picked up at Spitalfields Antiques Market, which I use as a bookcase.

Favourite book: books: ‘The Little Prince’ by Saint-Exupery and ‘Novelle per un anno’ by Pirandello.

Favourite movies: ‘Cinema Paradiso’ by Tornatore and ‘Band à part’ by Godard.

Fears: the digital world, frenetic cities… are they making us insensitive? Inner superficiality.

Never: be repetitive.

Always: believe in what you are doing and be ready to start afresh.

Favourite app: ‘Somebody’ by Miranda July.

Favourite places: Bolgheri and the Maremma, in Tuscan.

Three “secret” places:
- Jolly caffè in Donoratico, a timeless meeting place for seaside getaway people;
- Columbia Flower Market in London, worth a visit every Sunday;
- Zoe in Pietrasanta, my favourite clothes shop.

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