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Ginevra Rossini

Passion interpreted as commitment

From horse trials to TV, up to a Bangalore non-profit organization
Ginevra Rossini immediately declares her passion for planes: “if I only could, I would be travelling all the time”.
Ginevra, who is about to graduate in Economics and business studies, has actually spent most of her life on horseback.
Raised in Milan where she still lives, she started to ride as a little girl and has taken part in numerous horse trials: “when I’m in the saddle I switch off completely; this puts me in a totally peaceful state of mind”.
A personal interest she shares with friends, with whom she organizes exclusive holidays and trekking excursions.
But it is in her nature to turn her passions into commitment. First and foremost, Ginevra is currently engaged in the Shantinternational non-profit organization of Bangalore.
Founded last year in India, this charity has taken in over 200 children in order to find them a place in an orphanage and, above all, to offer them an education.
Ginevra, who goes to Bangalore at least twice a year to assist director Father Sibi, supervises the organization and handles its administrative affairs. During the rest of the year she is engaged in fund raising activities, working from Italy.
Her passion for horses has led to another firm commitment. One that is currently channelled through the organization of a television programme, a sort of “reality” show, still in the production phase under Ginevra’s supervision.

Entitled “Jockey Club” and soon to be broadcast on TV, the programme is based on the concept of a flat track horse race between a showbiz celebrity, more or less well-known, and a professional jockey.
Hers is an authentic jeans & T-shirt style, also because, as she admits, her sense of elegance is strictly associated with equestrian sports.
I feel elegant: when I wear my full riding gear for an equestrian event.
The most welcome gift: a trip to Africa.
In her suitcase: I always take a book with me, “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho: it makes me feel at home wherever I am.
Music: almost always of the electronic genre.
Favourite film: “Meet Joe Black”, by Martin Brest, for its vision of life and death.
Never: people who are rude, stubborn or unbending.
Always: with a smile.
Favourite App: Tripadvisor.
Three “confidential” locations:
- Varanasi, India , the Ganges Delta, simply the most magical place in the world;
- Los Angeles, Chateau Marmont, no other restaurant is so special;
- Harnas , Namibia, a haven for animals such as lions and cheetahs. Enchanting.

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