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Hedvig Opshaug

Everyday Style: how to dress your day.

A Norwegian passport, a degree in maths, a name that is difficult to spell and a career that started in high finance, before being transformed when this Nordic brunette left the sector in 2008, just before the markets collapsed. Hedvig Opshaug went from financial figures to online visitor numbers, starting over again in 2010 when she switched to fashion blogging, in a life closely linked to the lens.

Hedvig gets dressed up and photographs herself, then photographs the accessories and clothes that feature in her blog The Northern Light, together with her “outfit” and style advice. She currently lives in London, where she is a full-time new mum: “My daughter is always with me, I carry her everywhere. We share everyday life.” Her little girl goes out to lunch in the world’s most cosmopolitan capital wearing mini spotted loafers from Tod’s.

The mum’s style: “I like feeling elegant, wearing very simple-looking pieces. And I prefer everyday chic to more predictable evening wear. My blog is all about this.”

Always: a pair of jeans and loafers and a white shirt. A look that holds good forever, like Tod’s timeless style.
Never: I never say it.
The perfect wardrobe: “I don’t believe in fast fashion, you need to invest. No copies, no passing trends.”
What to buy: “What you can include in your life, in your everyday life”. Hedvig ready to depart, bag in hand.
In her suitcase:
1 pair of high-heeled sandals
2 white shirts
4 rolled-up dresses
(to be worn at cocktail parties and in the evenings)
At the airport: Opshaug wears jeans, a white shirt and Tod’s moccasins: “very minimal, perfect for any situation, even an unexpected party.”

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