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Joy Zribi & Gaia Matisse

The extremely personal actress and the fashion enthusiast.

Thought postcards from New York and Paris, from one sister to the other.

From Paris, Joy, the designer:
“I was born in Guadalupa, from a French mother and a Tunisian father: a great source of inspiration for my creative work. Tunisia is where I recharge and relax. I combine the lifestyle and decor to create my own unique and original style.
Sun, light, colors, spring and summer are my muses, even now that I live in Paris, and I am attending my third year of Design at the fashion school Mode Estah.
I love style in any form and shape (see my blog, created last summer). It allows me to express myself in the most spontaneous way, just the way I am: I share my many inspirations with the world and, sometimes, I give advice about style and beauty tricks.
I adore drawing and making illustrations: my dream is to create a jewelry brand.”

From New York, Gaia, the actress:
“I was born in Paris, but I grew up between Paris and New York.
With the French side of my family I used to spend summers in France, especially in the South.
In New York I am finishing my studies at the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study and I am currently living in the East Village (with my puppy Bambi, who is the love of my life and keeps me healthy and balanced).
I am specializing in “the Self and Others”: supplementary performance and western psychology. Since I was 16 years old I have been acting with a coach of the Stanislavski method, while working on the various aspects of the Carl Jung and the Self’s psychology: a topic I explored in my acting and analyzed during my studies at NYU, by attending Buddhism courses, as well as psychology and post-modernist religious experience courses.
Part of my life is also the standing date at the beach with my sister Joy, who lives in Paris, and the same goes for her.”


I feel elegant: with dresses, volumes, and form fitting shapes.
Luxury is: beauty.
The best gift I have ever received: a necklace with an Egyptian beetle charm: it symbolizes rebirth and it is my talisman. Also the ring I received for my 18th birthday: it was my grandmother’s, who was a seamstress, and now it protects me.
In my suitcase: many dresses and colors.
Fears: does life have a purpose?
Never: never say never.
Always: smile.


I feel elegant: with vintage YSL, Celine and Chanel, my hair in an up-do, a glass of champagne and diamonds obviously….Of course a silk night gown is enough and coconut oil on my skin does the rest.
Luxury is: the freedom of doing what I love.
The best gift I have ever received: my French grandmother’s engagement ring and wedding band. I always wear them to evoke her beauty and everyday elegance.
In my suitcase: my puppy Bambi, who weighs only 1 kg and is the most adorable creature on the planet. He comes with me everywhere.
Fears: leaving this world without leaving a mark.
Never: doubt myself and be afraid of being different.
Always: leave your comfort zone: the rewards will be endless.

Three "secret" addresses:

With Joy, in Paris:

Hotel Costes, I really appreciate its baroque and romantic decor and I feel at ease in its setting adorned with plants and flowers.
Hotel George V, because of its classic and modern adornments and its colors and flowers chosen by the renowned and talented Jeff Leatham.
Carette, I have a sweet tooth and this Parisian tea room is my daydream.

With Gaia:

Sisyphos, a venue in Berlin that opens occasionally, but for three consecutive days, nonstop day and night. It has an outdoors area with tree houses, beds and old trucks converted into seats and other types of installations are to be seen there. It is a hippie wonderland, where you are free to be yourself, surrounded by great music.
Mercer Hotel in Soho, New York, a fun setting to enjoy a cocktail after a long day. It is also a great people-watching spot: you never know who is going to walk through the door.
Montparnasse Cemetery, one of the best points of interest in Paris, where every path is framed by beautiful centuries-old trees and vibrant flowers. This is where my father and grandparents are buried, making each visit tremendously special. The sounds of nature help me reconnect with myself.

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