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Julia van Hagen

The Art of generating a buzz.
Art and fashion in blogs and pop-up stores open to the world.

We met up with her in Paris. Her leather and satin jacket is couture, her outfit is black but her Sylvia Toledano ring, a big cross that covers up her hand, discloses a touch of eccentricity.
Julia grew up in London with her German mother, a contemporary art collector. Amongst her interests, art is just one of the ingredients to which we add – like in a culinary recipe – fashion and travels: the complete profile of the 28 year-old van Hagen is portrayed in the blog in her name (
Paris and New York are her main hubs, accommodating her life between the events she organizes worldwide. This combination of art and fashion, the filter through which she sees and feels the trends, is her main instrument of work. Julia allow designers to step into new markets and new collaborations, with pop-up stores for example, previously opened in London, Gstaad, Ibiza, Paris, Monaco, Istanbul and Saint Tropez. “I believe that the fundamental ingredients for success are the right location, the product and the buzz created around it. My job is to make this happen”.
As we write, Julia is about to co-launch a new project that supplies luxury services in the city of Paris. Customized itineraries for true connaisseurs – in other words art, food and fashion.

The van Hagen style tips, according to Julia:
Luxury is: traveling. India changes you; Tokyo is the first city that comes to my mind.
City: New York, the city I live in, for its energy, and Paris for its quality of life.
Colour: blue
The best gift I have ever received: a bright pink Smythson pochette engraved with my initials: a gift from my brother.
Suitcase: very light. The must-haves: a quality blouse, a well-cut t-shirt, a pair of jeans, black skinny trousers, a cashmere sweater, two handbags – one pochette - and lipstick.
My favorite place: in the countryside, sitting by the fireplace, overlooking the woods.
On my playlist: Gary Gerber’s electro tracks.
At home: hardwood floor and grey walls, contemporary art and special fabrics on couches and pillows.
Book: How to be a Parisian (wherever you are) ironic and true. An entertaining guide to Parisian lifestyle and customs, according to 4 very witty female authors.
Movie: “Great Expectations”, based on the classic novel by Dickens, but set in modern times. I’ve seen it many times: a love story with a mystical and magical background. I also love the interiors portrayed in the film, which combine very different atmospheres.
Never: medium heels.
Always: a strong accessory as a statement piece.
My favorite app: Instagram.
Paris, at dinner:
- cheese burger or coquilles Saint-Jacques at the Belle Epoque (Opéra, 36 rue des Petits Champs);
- The specials menu at the Thai restaurant Madame Shawn (Le canal Saint Martin).
Boutique: Boutique à Chapeau, 105 rue Saint Honoré. The hat – just one, but the perfect one – helps define one’s style.

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