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Maria Vittoria, Maria Eugenia, Michela Bianconi

Three sisters, one castle.
Vineyards, travel and the business world.

A story of wine, women and the Italian lifestyle.
Three sisters, one castle and a wine cellar where they make their wine, which we learn is modern when “you drink it without noticing: it’s not just a glass of wine, but a part of what you’re doing”. Not just quality, but a sense of time, place and hospitality, the unparalleled excellence of traditional artisanal products in a conversation with Maria Vittoria, Michela and Maria Eugenia.
Young and attractive, they seem characters out of a modern fairy tale – in the context of a world of work, commitment and punctual consignments – set in a castle located in the rolling hills of the Friuli region, near Udine, in the northeast of Italy. A castle encircled by vineyards, the source of the enological expression of Castello di Buttrio, the label created by their mother, Alessandra Felluga.
It was she who remodeled the rooms and halls of the seventeenth century residence, with a very personal sense of style that made everything harmonious although every space has its own personality, including the 8 rooms of the chateau that were transformed into a luxury relais.
The three sisters
This is their home, where they spend their days working and their evenings talking around the fire: “In the past we lived apart, studying in different places, so now we’re happy to be together in one place, and the days fly by”. We imagine them around the table, (“…to us, mealtimes have always been sacred…”), seated at the round table in the spacious kitchen, round like the tower in which it is located, with large windows that look out over the valley below. From which you can also see the vegetable garden, with its luxuriant greenery that marks the changing seasons, “which we remember most vividly when we are abroad”. For example, during their university years, when they studied different subjects in different capitals – economics in London, enology in Milan and history in Paris – that have now been blended into a total collaboration, composed of their diverse specializations: “We have three different points of view, which is very fruitful, and we discuss everything together, from the overall strategy to specific details”.
In this life based on the vineyards, but not exclusively (there are frequent trips abroad for business reasons), most of the time is spent here, and willingly so: “You wake up to a priceless panorama, go to office walking through the greenery, surrounded by the beauty of the changing seasons”.
In the wine cellar, which has been working at capacity for the last couple of years, under their mother’s supervision, but with the idea of a three-way independent management for the future, the girls have created the labels Mon Blanc, an original name for a Friuli blend, Ettaro, Sauvignon Riserva , whose name pays homage to the vineyard, and Morpurgo9, produced with the classic method.
Their credo: “Very mineralized wines, presenting a straight and coherent line from the initial bouquet to the persistent finish”. Next to the wine cellar there is a hotel, a special place, composed of 8 different rooms in a castle with a row of halls, an inn and a country farmstead: a little world that revolves around the pleasures and beauty of hospitality, with a purely Italian flavor.
As if all this weren’t enough, about a year ago the sisters lent their name, Le Sur, to a line of traditional, locally made objects: “Designed with international guests in mind, so they can take home a souvenir that has been made here”. These include furlane hand-sewn velvet slippers, room scents inspired by the wine cellars or the room with the fireplace, and so based on incense and leather, as well as beauty kits and bath towels, hand-woven cashmere scarves, soft country-style overcoats, reminiscent of the sophisticated dressing gowns worn by dandies, which they themselves, the le Sur sisters, love to wear as they work. New ideas are on the drawing board, probably born in front of the fireplace, in the great hall where they spend their evenings.
The life of a modern Lady of the castle, or better, of three.

I feel elegant: with manicure and pedicure, an attractive neckline and a touch of makeup.
My dream outfit: jeans and a t-shirt, a sweater in wintertime.
The best gift: the jewels our parents give us, always three identical ones. Especially the pinky rings with our initials.
In the suitcase, for a castle: a nice coat, a warm scarf, shoes you can wear when it’s muddy. For the evenings, wide-legged, high-waisted trousers, a sweater and ankle boots with heels, but not stiletto heels. In the summer a light dress for the daytime, a long and full one for the evenings, with furlane slippers.
Music: Amy Winehouse, because of her voice, the original words and the jazz style. She’s not repetitive, because the arrangements feature different instruments and she experiments a lot.
Interiors: the house has to fit in with its location. At the seashore, light-colored interiors with linen couches, in the mountains lots of wood and warm colors, in a city like New York a loft with striking décor, in Paris a more classical look with feminine tones.
The book: Memories of a geisha, by Golden, with its splendid closing comparison between her and women of the West.
The film: Catch me if you can, by Spielberg, because of the agile narration of the fantastic story line, and the evergreen classic Gone with the wind, because of the costumes and the modernity of Scarlett O’ Hara.
Fear: of not having enough time to achieve what we want in terms of work, because we are women. Juggling all the roles to be played, amassing experience, seeing the world, without neglecting your personal life.
Never: without earrings: the face seems to be missing something.
Always: Long hair, loose but well groomed.
Favorite App: The classics: Itunes, Whatsapp and Instagram

Three special places:

•   The market in Trouville in Normandy a great place to eat oysters and drink champagne.

•   A walk on the beach in Nantucket, a little island off Massachussetts.

•   A boat ride in the Incoronate Islands​, in Dalmatia, for the crystal-clear waters and the atmosphere on land.

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