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Sara Brajovic

The trendsetting actress

Already familiar with the roles of pianist and model, she has now turned to acting while creating a very personal (virtual) reality of her own.

You are most likely to find her online at

Or more precisely, the indications of a style blog run by a model by day and a pianist by night who used to work in New York, but now lives in Rome where she is an actress.
Sara Brajovic’s summer has passed before the cine camera: the weekend retreats to Amalfi and filming sessions during the week for a television series due to run in the Autumn on an Italian TV channel.

An established model, currently a blogger and trendsetter, Sara Brajovic was born in Paris and raised between Switzerland and Paris, where she studied at the École Normale de Musique de Paris, followed by history studies at London’s King’s College, before working for Sotheby’s in the impressionists department. Her modelling career took her to New York where she developed an instinctive flair for observing trends, fashion and travel. Hence her blog where she imparts advice "as I always have done with friends who ask for my opinion on what to wear and where to go".

A curious fact: “I’m quite obsessed with technology so I handle all aspects of the blog, from texts to graphics".
Sara has interpreted several roles as an actress. Her latest is that of a French woman married to an Italian.
Seductive: I was forced to live in shorts or a mini skirt and almost always wore low necklines”.
But this is not her style: “I like casual comfort during the day”.
Which means diametrically opposed to the aforementioned French protagonist: flimsy fabrics, soft lines that are never figure-hugging, flat shoes and neutral shades.
But when it comes to evening wear: “I change my look completely. Close-fitting dresses, skirts in any case, and lots of bustier tops”.

She is naturally very feminine so a contrast would be fun: “I wear a smoking jacket often and I find it very versatile.”
Those who love acting, like to get into the part. For sure, Brajovic enjoys playing a hyper-feminine role.

Any fears? “Heights and depths. I could never throw myself off a boat out at sea. I don’t like what I don’t know”.
Mania: “Eating, without a doubt. I have never dieted but I work out a great deal”.
Her favourites: “Spaghetti alla carbonara with courgettes, for instance those served by the Conca del Sogno in Rome. Otherwise, meatballs and, I have to admit, lots of chocolate, even though I have taken to healthy food recently. I cook dishes with quinoa, also for my friends”.
In her bag: phone/credit card/keys/headphones for listening to music.
Music: that always accompanies her as she walks for miles and miles through the city: “I really like listening to everything, apart from country music”.
With a childhood steeped in classical music and an artistic family, father and uncle are both actors, Sara has also been a pianist but now has a preference for electronic sounds with a French touch.
Book: First Love by Turgenev, romanticism first and foremost.
Film: Golden Eggs directed by Bigas Luna, and his entire filmography of Spanish sensuality.
Current Obsession: she combines the phrases of the latest book she has read with photographed images and landscapes on her blog.

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