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Tatyana Franck

The aristocrat of photography.
A colourful museum director.

We meet her at home in Gstaad, surrounded by splashes of red, in keeping with the Christmas season, looking out onto pine trees and snowflakes through fifties-style windows.
Tatyana’s chosen mission in life would be: “to open up the photographic experience to new media and new technologies”.
With a past experience as curator for the Claude Picasso Archives in Geneva and a family background steeped in the world of art and fine art photography – daughter of prominent gallery owner Eric Franck and a close relative of Henri Cartier-Bresson– since last March she has been in charge of the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne. In other words, up to her eyes in an important project for the new museum premises whose construction is scheduled for 2020, offering an exhibition space of 22,000 metres entirely dedicated to art and culture. (
What type of photography do you like most? “Portraits particularly, the art of capturing a person’s personality in an instant”.
Collections? “I have always viewed and followed the work of artists belonging to my own generation; I am surrounded by them but, since becoming a museum director, I have abandoned any research of a strictly personal nature”. It was a particular expression captured by Nan Goldin, the shot portraying a woman of Bangkok, which Tatyana happened to see at the age of 17, determining her decision to take up photography as her field of study and research. Today, the curator who dresses in colourful garments (overall she loves red, yellow and orange) and smiles a lot, states: “I am a very open-minded and curious person”. She indicates Gabriel Lippman as a great photographer of the past: “in this art form, he invented the process for capturing colour”.

Tatyana’s philosophy, with regard to style.

- I feel elegant: if I wear my colours. Bright ones, generally speaking.
- The perfect outfit: A vintage kimono. Not only as a garment for actually wearing, but also as a beautiful object, to be admired in the same way as a work of art.
- Luxury: good food and great company, in a lovely place.
- The nicest gift ever received: my friends’ affection.
- In a suitcase: devices for listening to music.
- Favourite place: the Chausey Islands, close to Mont Saint Michel, in Normandy.
- Music: Russian pop music.
- Interior Design: A mix of art and contemporary sculpture, vintage photography and Art Deco furnishings: with fuchsia cushions.
- Book: I love poetry anthologies, so that I can enjoy different authors at the same time.
- The greatest fear: feeling bored.
- Never: be rude.
- Always: even when rushed, I always hope to find a moment to relax in.
- The app I use most: Whatsapp.
- Two “secret” addresses: in Mexico City, the city I love most:
• “Contramar”, a restaurant at Cuautémoc. Here, the fish is delicious, especially the "tostidas de atun" and octopus tacos. Not to be missed.
• Museo de Anahuacalli, founded by the famous Mexican mural artist Diego Rivera. It stands out for its unique construction in volcanic stone and a collection of Hispanic relics.
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