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Pierre-Emmanuel Racine & Xavier d'Audiffret

The Signature Cider.
The ‘ultra chic start up’ with headquarters at the family's castle.

Cultured yet contemporary. A twenty-year old friendship turned into a successful business partnership. In Normandy, the place where they grew up together.
Xavier and Pierre Emmanuel would share a desk at the Argentan preschool, near the Castle of Sassy where Xavier grew up: “I had always wanted to start my own business and I truly admire those who are able to create and take risks. This is why in 2014 I started Maison Sassy together with Pierre-Emmanuel, whom I have known since I was 2 years old”.
Xavier went on to study Corporate Finance at the European Business School while Pierre-Emmanuel opted for Skema Business School before traveling and experiencing China and Ireland.
In 2000 the idea of entering the world of start ups is already alive and going strong, but both boys instead spend some years working in finance before returning to their original idea and developing it into one of ultra-chic branded cider.
For over a year and a half they worked on this project, developing three different recipes with the help of their cellarer.
In 2014, they launch Sassy (, the first contemporary cider, Made in Normandy, gluten free, pure and 100% natural, low in calories and alcohol, all while revitalising something typical of their birth-region, apples.
The Sassy spirit is exactly this: doing something for oneself, for ones own territory of origin and for the spread of French savoir faire, all while adding a touch of modernity. The quantity of cider produced is limited as it follows the most artisanal methods and it is sold in only the most exclusive stores in France: you can find it at Colette’s in Paris.
For Xavier and Pierre-Emanuel, Chateau de Sassy is the unusual headquarter for their business, famous for its gardens and for horse farming back in the day, a place which tells a piece of French history with its strung of 17th century lounges walled with green and burgundy embroideries: “it is the place where I can relax the most and where I truly recharge my energy levels even if I’m working”.

Their style.


- I feel elegant: when I’m wearing something simple like jeans, a cashmere sweater and a nice watch.
- The outfit: a nice suit.
- Luxury: it’s in the details, in the special attention given to things which are out of the ordinary. It’s time spent with those I love.
- The best present: a surprise holiday to Florence with my girlfriend.
- In my suitcase: iPad, a good book, my business cards and mini bottle of Sassy cider.
- Favourite place: Chateau de Sassy.
- Music: it changes often but Devendra Banhart, The Cure and David Bowie are my all-time favourite.
- Interior Design: bare materials such as wood and cement complemented with good lighting.
- Film: I really like David Fincher, he has directed some incredible films such as Seven, The Game, Fight Club, Zodiac and more recently, Gone Girl.
- Afraid of: feeling alone.
- Never: give up.
- Always: “stay hungry, stay foolish”, Steve Jobs.
- App: Instagram.
- City: I really like London and its atmosphere. Saturday lunch at Borough Market and a walk around Kew Gardens or a visit to the Saatchi Gallery.
The Cow at Notting Hill, 89 Westbourne Park Rd, a gastropub with a delicious fish-based menu;
Korobuta, 17-20 Kendal St., a Japanese restaurant with an exclusive Asian rock atmosphere;
The terrace of The Boundary, 2-4 Boundary St, East London.


- I feel elegant: when I’m wearing a blue suit with a white shirt.
- The outfit: you never go wrong with a tuxedo.
- Luxury: Having the freedom to do what I want, whenever I want and with the people I love.
- In my suitcase: my computer, my business cards and my iPad.
- My favourite place: the Auge area of Normandy, especially in early foggy mornings.
- Music: I’m following various groups at the moment, Metronomy, Synapson or Edward Newgate (soundcloud).
- Interior design: simple, bright and not overdone.
- Book: “The red sphinx” by Dumas or more recently “Oona and Salinger” by Beigbeber.
- Film: I enjoyed “Mommy” by Xavier Dolan and “Life is beautiful” with Roberto Begnini, a classic.
- Never: wear white socks.
- Always: a bottle of Sassy cider in my fridge!
- Favourite app: Instagram.
- The city I love: Paris, where I spend most of my time with my dearest friends.
Our favourite Parisian bars:
Le Syndicat, 51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis;
Le Sherry Butt, 20 Rue Beautreillis;
La Candelaria, 52 Rue de Saintonge (Paris 3eme).
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