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BON VOYAGE: Marco Boroli

My St. Barth

He landed on a dusty runway in the ’70s and has not abandoned it since.

This is how the Boroli family’s love affair with the island of St. Barthelemy, better known as Saint Barts, the high-society pearl of the Caribbean archipelago, began thirty years ago.

We are talking to Marco Boroli about the island. He collects antique Roman coins and is the Managing Director of – an e-commerce website that buys, amongst other produce, Italy’s very finest wine straight from the distributors themselves. He has spent Christmas and his holidays here ever since he was a child. Marco even went to school, or rather nursery, on the “white island” (so-called because of the large number of Bretons and Normans there, with blonde hair and blue eyes). “Basically all we did was go to the beach”, he says.

He continues to do so today, crossing paths with Claudia Schiffer, Richard Gere and all the other Hollywood stars attached to the “Ile de l’Oubli, where everything moves very slowly”, as he says. He reveals the perfect day to us.

10 am – breakfast at Carambole, croissants like Parisian ones, at a pastry shop reminiscent of Old Europe.
11 am – on the beach, at the Ile de France beach resort set on the sands of Flamand Beach. Alternatively, for an ultra glam morning where champagne is uncorked from 12 pm onwards, the destination is the beach of St. Jean, and the choice falls to Tony Beach or Niki Beach.
2 pm – a hamburger at Jo-Jo Burger; there are only a few tables around the hut, so getting a seat is a real luxury.
7 pm – aperitif at l’Isoletta, maybe ask for some pizza as well. Or there is the Eden Rock Hotel, set up atop the rocks.
9 pm – fish is always on the menu at dinner time; sea bream, to be precise, which around here they call maimai. At the Le Ti S. Barth restaurant, there is an echo of the lively nightlife of St. Tropez, with dinner followed by disco and burlesque shows.
Mindnight – time for the aromatised rum which is the island’s speciality. De Silver, white or amber …. to be enjoyed everywhere.

The Jazz Festival, in the first two weeks of August, is the right touch of music for adding to the list of addresses.

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