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The creative approach of Scott Schuman, internationally famed photographer and street styler, and the unmistakable style of Tod's come together to recount Marlin: the functional lightweight loafer that combines a rubber sole with more refined materials, fruit of the expertise of Tod's craftsmen who have innovatively applied the manufacturing techniques traditionally used in glove-making. Marlin has been selected by Scott as the protagonist of street style images to recount its versatility in the most up-to-the-minute looks. During his trips around the world, from Milan to New York, he has set out to portray an elegance that is easy-going yet attentive to each and every deail, perfect for city wear and leisure time, uncomprimisingly oriented towards quality and a personal, unmistakable style.

Emilie Fouilloux

Entrepeneur (Madem Paris) and Contributor (Marieclaire Italia), Milan

Domenico Gianfrate

Designer, Milan

Valentina Scambia Floriani

Freelance, Milan

Giovanni Dario Laudicina

Stylist, Milan

Devon Head

Student, New York

James Coviello

Designer, jewelry maker, and antiques collector, New York

Alessandro Squarzi

Entrepreneur, Milan

Leonara Jimenez

Fashion Director, Costa Rica

Pablo Chea

Multimedia Artist, New York

David Somper

Student, New York

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