Harold Mackeene

In praise of simplicity.
A designer who travels and thinks graphically, like his accessories.

Born in Brussels, where his father was a diplomat, Harold has always traveled.
Together with his brother, he created the Mackeene brand (www.mackeene.com) of men’s accessories, combining nautical sports and creative elegance. His life revolves around photography, graphics and design. Not just from a creative standpoint, but also in terms of logistics, production, accounting and sales.
“All this gives me the chance to move from one country to another. But the one I love the most is the one with the waves, the sunshine, the turtles and those splendid parrots you can keep as pets.”

I feel elegant: when I open a door for a woman, when I take off my sunglasses to look someone in the eye – to me, elegance isn’t about appearance: it’s a way of being.
My dream outfit: don’t have one in particular, but I appreciate the value of beautiful materials. I admire quality objects, products that are the result of creative design and artisanal expertise.
Luxury is: like elegance, a state of mind. Linked to quality of life. For example, I place a high value on sipping a cold beer while I watch the waves roll in at sundown.
The best gift ever: the words “I love you”, when they come from the person you are truly in love with.
In my suitcase: boots, jeans, crew neck sweater, white shirts, bathing suit, cotton t-shirt and a few pairs of sunglasses.
My favorite places:
- Autumn in New York, or Paris: the city, in any case;
- Winter in the Caribbean, with the parrots;
- Spring on the wild beaches of Normandy;
- Summer in the Mediterranean.

My playlist: mostly electronic, especially when it’s not too commercial. Sometimes I spend hours and hours listening to new artists on Soundcloud. You can find them on my site.
Interior Design: light is my passion, my final touch… so candles are indispensable.
My favorite book: “The Einstein Enigma”, by José Rodrigues dos Santos.
Fears: of reneging on a promise, of slacking off in time.
Never: act on a purely emotional impulse.
Always: take your time and exercise the necessary patience.
My favorite Apps: Gmail, Instagram, Soundcloud.
My places in Paris:
- Restaurants: Obermama, Ellsworth, Beefclub
- Bars: Café Père et Fils, Lockwood
- Night Clubs: No Comments, Montana, Silencio or the Bagatel
- Shops: Loft, Sandro
- Markets: Marché Bio de Raspail, Hédonie Health food
- Sports club: Ken Club
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