MY MANIA: Sofia Camerana

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Let’s start from the former, whose images keep watch over the house, lined up in the entrance and corridor; animals that have been so well loved as to become the subject of oil and charcoal portraits, commissioned by their owners – mainly English - of whom something is certainly reflected in the framed expressions.

Her favourite: “A mongrel of course. With its proud cocky expression”.

Frames: “I never change them, I like to keep the original ones”. Sources : “Small auctions at the end of King’s Road, in Lots Road to be precise, otherwise the Bermondsey street market”. When: “I started with my mother when I attended college in England; our forays used to start at 5 in the morning”.

“A collection that was started in more recent times”. Sofia Camerana comes across the creations of a milliner who attaches remnants of lace from wedding dresses; she sees drawings of faces in which hats are inhabited by ribbons, feathers and buttons, added with a vintage three-dimensional effect.

.“I love nineteenth century literature, English literature in particular. These hats remind me of its heroines”.

All of these faces inhabit her bedroom, looking at each other, or rather challenging each other across the room, as though in a contest for the best trimmed hat. All together? “If they were scattered around the house, they would look untidy to me”.

Her favourites. “Four winter hats, with an abundance of feathers”.

Sources. In this case, the addresses to go for are the traditional Italian markets of Gran Balon in Turin, the flea market behind piazza Santa Croce in Florence and….. well, discover the others for yourself, just like Sofia.
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