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Tod’s My Colors

Talent, passion, discipline, creativity and courage.

History has show, as has style, the existence of milestones. The Olympic Games are a key example. Rooted in Ancient Greece, and brought back into trend by Barone De Coubertin at the end of the 19th century, every 4 years the Games are characterized by medals and unabashed honor trailing exceptional athletes, who push themselves to the limit of their own abilities for this occasion.

Tod’s is an example. Founded in the early 1900’s and developed with passion and dedication over the course of the years, Tod’s blends inimitable know-how and artistry in craftsmanship with ever-current technological expertise each season to create unique products, the best in style and elegance that Made in Italy has to offer.
To celebrate talent, passion, discipline, creativity and courage, Tod’s dedicates the video Tod’s My Colors to all the enthusiasts of style and sport.

Tod’s bracelets, rigorously made in tri-color leather, are solidly rooted in the primary Olympic sports and their playing field, which, one by one, are represented by a D Bag, a Gommino or a Greca belt, just a few iconic products of the Brand.
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