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The Northern Light
Hedvig Opshaug for Tod's

Tell me about your first encounter with Tod’s?
Images of the typical Gommino loafers seen on women and men goes way back in my memory, but the brand has so much more to offer than leather driving shoes, everything from chic minimalist bags in the most precious leather types to on-trend shoes and other leather goods!

When you think of the brand Tod’s what thoughts and associations come to mind?
To me Tod's is a strong classic brand with a heritage, that represent high quality and timeless casual chic. I think Tod's appeal to men and women of all ages who live an active life on the go.

Tell me about your BLOG. How did it start?
After many years of math studies I landed a job in the banking world, but back in 2008 I decided to take a break in order to explore other things and wait for the recession to recover. It was during this period I wanted to use some of my more creative skills which had been put aside for too many years already. I began my blog in 2010 which initially was just meant as a starting point of something else I had in mind, but things went rapidly and I enjoyed it a lot so I soon decided to give it all in there.

You already changed your life twice (model, turned banker, turned fashion blogger). Any other special project for the future?
If my personality is anything to go by then most likely yes, I love new challenges and haven't been afraid so far in life to test new things and opportunities that crosses my way. However, my next challenge that I know of, is becoming a mum this winter, something I'm both excited and a little nervous about.

You wore several pieces of Tod’s Autumn - Winter Collection. Could you please tell us must have of the season?
Favourite shoes from this collection are my golden studded block heel pump, which feels spot on trend, and are super chic with denims or leather. As for the bags I've been wearing the classic D-bag a lot as I love the cleanness and simplicity to it. Other favourites this season are the oversized sharp clutches that come in different colours, I've been wearing one in blue fur and it's the perfect wintery clutch to carry under the arm with a heavier coat.

You were in Milan and in Paris to Tod’s Women’s Collection and Tod’s Signature presentations. Could you please tell me your must – haves for the next season?
There are so many beautiful things in the spring collection, the sparkling studded Couture loafers are so cool and the mini leather shoulder bags in precious skin that comes in white, pink, blue and yellow are must-haves.

When were you last in Norway and what do you like to do when you’re there? Do you miss it? Is there in London a place which remind you about your home country?
I don't travel home to Norway as often as I should, since I come from the very north it does take some time to get there and in busy calendars these days it's easy to neglect. However I usually go home for Christmas where we celebrate white Christmas on the countryside where we chop our own tree in the forest. At that time of year it's almost complete darkness up there so we've got candles everywhere and stay most of the time indoor in front of the fire with the whole family, or in the outdoor jacuzzi watching the Northern Light when skies are clear. This year will be my first Christmas in London and though I know I will miss the cosy house on the countryside in north of Norway terribly, I'm hoping to be able to recreate the traditions and heritage I already have at heart with new found London twist.


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