A Weekend In The Country

Winter Stories

Tod's tells a winter story: a break from the city and commitments; a horseback ride in the English countryside; a walk in nature.

The focus of this day are the pleasures of familiar movements, of the luxury of silence and of fascinating nature, underscored by accessories that are dependable and elegant.

Winter Gommini shoes and boots adapt with ease to any setting, accompanied by the passion of a unique tradition of craftsmanship and of top-quality materials that define timeless style.

Iconics - 아카이브

Miky Bag Collection
토즈의 상징적인 가방을 만나보다
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Tod's Tug Of War
새로운 세대가 전통을 만나다.
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Iconography: a
story of style
Virginia Galateri(버지니아 갈라테리)의 스타일과 이야기
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Talitha's Diary
Tod's를 위한 Talitha의 독특한 여행기
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