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The Making of an Icon: The D.D. Bag

A Butterfly's Journey

Born as the brand’s first bag, the D Bag has always expressed its values and the highest quality. This bag in all its details reveals a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and of great attention given to each step, from the selection of leather to the final finishing.

The material from which the D Bag is constructed is carefully selected and is treated with natural techniques. Every season the bag is enriched with new colors and leathers.

The grace and loveliness of delicate white paper butterflies, created by artist Mauro Seresini, through these exclusive shots show the brand icon’s evolution. Celebrated for Spring Summer 2013 with the D.D. Bag, made from iconic calfskin leather and in precious python, the renewed shapes are both timely and timeless in elegance.
Video backstage

Iconics - 아카이브

Miky Bag Collection
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Tod's Tug Of War
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Iconography: a
story of style
Virginia Galateri(버지니아 갈라테리)의 스타일과 이야기
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Talitha's Diary
Tod's를 위한 Talitha의 독특한 여행기
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