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Tod’s Touch meets Lola Toscani
A look at Lola Toscani’s New York

Lola Toscani, 1985.
Born and raised in Maremma, Tuscany, the second child of photographer Oliviero Toscani and Norwegian model Kirsti, she studied in Lugano, Paris and Boston, where she graduated in 2007 in Communication Studies. After a year in New York in the press office of one of the top fashion labels, in 2008 she returned to Italy as production manager of La Sterpaia, the Workshop for the Art of Communication, founded by her father. In the new Milan offices, together with her brother Rocco she has managed the company, providers of integrated communication services, since 2012.

Lola says: “the Internet has made it possible to share images at a speed unthinkable a decade ago, also enabling us to share things that until a short while ago were controlled by the “powers that be” and the newspapers. Everything we are learning about social movements, the injustices and the joy of others makes us global, removing cultural barriers.

As for advertising, I think that part of our job is also to “educate”, not underestimating the intelligence of our audience which, in turn, has a duty to analyse the information it receives. Advertising is communication and, as such, must elevate and inspire, sometimes in a serious manner, other times for fun. I don’t think there is a right and a wrong way of doing this: we have to capture the attention of the public.

We should be able to understand the quality of a product from images and the fact that we are lucky to still have so many great artisans and masters. I think that the return to craftsmanship is renewing the country, both economically and culturally.”

“New York never ceases to amaze me. I cross the Brooklyn Bridge and arrive in Dumbo, a once down at heels area that is a now a fashionable meeting place for artists and intellectuals. My favourite haunts include Schillers in the Lower East Side for a pre-dinner drink, the Village, for a hamburger at the Corner Bistro, and NoLita, for dancing at Southside Night Club. I spend most of my time in Maremma at home with my parents, where I always feel really happy. If I go out for dinner I always go to La Pineta run by Luciano, who has watched us grow and for a drink I head to Zanzibar”.


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