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Tod's Touch Meets Matteo Sardagna
Sardagna’s sense of land

Matteo’s most important link is with the land, particularly its elegant colours. He welcomes us, surrounded by those autumn shades he so often wears, and which are everywhere today, together with colourful vines of the Poderi Luigi Einaudi estate, set amidst the earthy hues of the Langhe district where his family has lived since the early 19th century, starting with his great-grandfather Luigi Einaudi. Matteo now spends his time running the winery, as well as looking after the upkeep of the Dogliani estate and managing the Relais: ten rooms with all the charm of a private home and the convenience of a high-tech B&B, surrounded by green countryside.

Culture and elegance -these two trends always go hand in hand in the very the best hypotheses. This is certainly the case of Sardagna, whose style seems to “dress” his roots.

A blendof autumn colours features in classic tailored suits in daring shades of grape and freely interpreted fabrics. His shirts and caps are in the English style, his tailor is Italian and he displays a strong preference for tweed, with a green cloth hunting gilet and natural-coloured scarf.

An air of art, music and books, a vein of culture in the background – pervades the dress sense of the youthful Sardagna, who listens to music by his cousin Ludovico Einaudi as he fills the farmhouse he is renovating with books, including a fine collection of antique bindings. In terms of art, his aesthete’s eye, which had already been drawn to the skilful colours of Flemish canvases, was recently seduced by a flash of contemporary style.

He has travelled extensively,and often far afield. Next stop: from Japan to South Africa, over the course of four months. Although not in this case, he usually travels very light: “A jacket, a pair of trousers and a couple of shirts. I wash it all on rotation”.

Never:“With ordinary people,” he says.
Always: With himself, we dare to suggest.
Coming Soon: A new enterprise with his partners and friends: a chain selling pizza by the slice. There’s no need to say it will be “Per-Fetta”, starting with the name.


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