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Milan as seen by Micol
"If that's what everyone sees, that’s not what I see"
Style and Story By Virginia Galateri

Photographer, a great art lover and a tireless traveler, Micol Sabbadini
lives in America and Milan. "Of all the places that I love to photograph the most are the streets of Los Angeles."

Her exhibition recently opened in Venice at the Workshop Gallery, "USA - The: United States of Appropriated Images," is a selection of photographs taken during the long periods she spent in the United States. Micol also has often collaborated with the world of fashion, including with the Roger Vivier brand for which she produced the shots "Prismick - A Walk on the Chic Side."

Her house, in the center of Milan, is sunny, elegant and cheerful, just like her. Endless shelves are full of art and photography books, and the walls are covered with Polaroids taken around the world. A well-kept flower-filled terrace overlooks a balcony typical of old Milan. All reflect the personality of the occupant.

Micol has a chic style, sophisticated and very personal. In her closet all kinds of shorts dominate, joined by beautiful vintage pieces, the Giuly bag, and classic Tod's gommini moccasins in every color and fabric.

Her favorite Milan addresses are:
-the Via Brera paint shop where she loves to spend hours searching for paper and materials to use in her work;
-the "Rugantino" Restaurant;
-the Pinacoteca di Brera, where she loves to stroll and lose herself among the rooms;
-the historic Jamaica Bar;
-the PAC;
- the pastry shop on Via Madonnina for the amazing mini cupcakes.

Photo by Pietro Olivetta

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