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Sofia Camerana
Travel details

A luxury globetrotter. She has crossed rooms and continents, that is to say all the hotels in the world, on business trips.
Albeit young, Camerana has made a name for herself as a specialist in travel & lifestyle, an expert on public relations in the travel business. Many are the hotels she has visited and judged, as numerous as the pieces of cutlery collected: one for each stay. Year after year, the sum total of such souvenirs has created an unusual collection: a dinner service that unites the world on one table.

We meet her in the house in Turin where she grew up, now a weekend residence. But Sofia would like to go back there.
The furnishings are intentionally classical, as is her way of dressing; Camerana, the globetrotter, who lives between Bolgheri, Turin and Milan, embodies the timelessness of those families that stretch back in time.

Immediately recognizable because she holds her bag, literally, meaning that she grips it between her fingers: Sofia does not use handles. We take the opportunity to ask her for some smart inside travel details.

The perfect hotel
1 – A bar with some very special fun cocktails. A place that also attracts local people and where some of the city atmosphere seeps through the hotel walls.
2 – Extremely comfortable beds with sheets you would be tempted to take home with you.
3 – A characteristic scent that makes it unique and special (for instance the Imperial in Delhi with its Jasmine scent)
4 – Personalized room amenities, a therapist for a massage or a truly unique treatment… an incentive to go back there, or something to remember

Some perfect hotels.
De Russie, Rome: “Because it is so typical of Rome, straight out of “The Great Beauty”..
George V, Paris: “The ultimate chic hotel.
Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur: “The most romantic and the most beautiful hotel I have every stayed in!!!!”
TajMahal Palace, Mumbai: “Because you can breathe its history“
SonevaFushi, Maldives: “Truly green, magnificent food, a really beautiful spa. And there is nothing claustrophobic about it: despite its location on an atoll”.

Suitcase. Hand luggage. The trolley is hard, and so are the rules. The trick is to go around with blocks of colour, so that the garments may also be mixed and matched. In any case: 1 pair of heels. 1 pair of sneakers. 1 pair of leggings and T-shirts for running in. 1 pair of flat shoes, guaranteed to be chic.

Always. Changes of plan. Never. Chewing gum.
Never without. A Compass Rose on a little chain. If she is travelling, she always has her velvet jewel pouch with her: “I feel I can’t get lost if I have it with me”.
Beauty Secret. An 8 hour lip balm, equally effective on hands.
At weekends. “I love shopping for food, especially at the meat market”.

The Camerana Tod’s Touch. A pair of Tod’s Winter Gommino, at the age of 13 : her first myth and consequently the first pair of shoes she ever asked for in her life.

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