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No_Code J

Exploring the new "No_Code J" project: a journey linking the highest production quality to advanced technology. Taking Tod's craftsmanship as a starting point, designer Yong Bae Seok has created a unique and functional sneaker, which combines new ideas in its construction and an enhanced innovative approach.

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The upper has an extremely elaborate technological construction made up of four layers of different materials superimposed onto each other. The first layer is designed with an elastic fabric, the second is composed of elastic-embossed decorations, and the third is crafted using mesh which, when applied onto the two previous surfaces, adds resistance and rigidity to the composition of the upper.​ The last layer features a heat seal that wraps the tip, protecting it.


The sole is made from two-tone EVA, a special compound that increases use, performance and comfort while reducing the shoe's overall weight.


The sole and special design of the heel ensure high performance and optimal comfort on all types of surfaces.


The T-shaped eyelets and the side bands tightly encircle the upper ensuring a perfect fit.

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