Tradition and Innovation
Solidarity and Italian Spirit

Artistic and Cultural Heritage

We have an active role in caring for our country's beauty and support initiatives aimed at protecting and developing its cultural, artistic and environmental heritage.


People are our most precious resource and we always keep their safety, well-being and know-how at heart.


We support initiatives promoting growth in the communities in which we operate, aiming to generate development and value for their regions.


We take care of the environment and have defined a series of concrete commitments and initiatives in the direction of reducing our impact on surrounding ecosystems.

Eco-design & Circularity

We are committed to the development of circular design and production processes, with the involvement of our supply chains. 

Sustainable Supply Chain

We care about our supply chains and are committed to qualification, monitoring and guided growth programmes for our suppliers, which allow us to integrate environmental and human protection requirements, from raw materials to final product.