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Hender Scheme X TOD’S
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Tod’s introduces the fourth chapter of the Tod’s Factory project, the creative laboratory in which established and emerging creatives are invited to offer their point of view on Tod’s DNA. “TOD’S ⇆ DOT’S” was the creative starting point of the collaboration with Hender Scheme, the Japanese leather shoes brand founded in 2010 by Ryo Kashiwazaki. The designer has been chosen to design an exclusive unisex collection of shoes, bags and apparel that merge his unmistakable “New Craft” contemporary approach with Tod’s unique legacy.

Ryo’s concept “TOD’S ⇆ DOT’S” allowed him to explore and combine the expertise in shoes and leather of both brands in a reinterpretation of iconic unisex objects. Tod’s and Hender Scheme similarities and differences are interpreted through a perfect balance among design and authenticity.

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The Japanese leather shoes brand Hender Scheme was founded in 2010 by designer Ryo Kashiwazaki. Established in Asakusa, Tokyo, a district renowned for its leather and traditional craftmanship, the brand carefully explores the backgrounds and processes of how each item is made. Hender Scheme’s creative attitude ‘New Craft’ explores the equilibrium between mode and craft – using the knowledge and techniques of artisans to create contemporary designs.

“To collaborate with a brand like Tod’s that celebrates craftmanship was very inspiring”


Throughout the capsule collection, Ryo has incorporated the iconic pebbles sole of the Tod’s Gommino – the inspiration for the “TOD’S ⇆ DOT’S” concept. By adopting and reinterpreting the pebbles size, proportion and position he blends the contemporary vision of Hender Scheme with Tod’s history. The outcome is a unisex capsule collection that can be used regardless of gender.

The slight and modern approach was translated in the objects, in particular in the maxi pebble sole, embodying the concept of the exclusive collection at its best.

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“In the creative process, the key word “TOD’S ⇆ DOT’S” came to my mind very naturally and in turn, this idea led to the domino effect explored within the film.” The words of Ryo Kashiwazaki, Hender Scheme’s designer, fully represent the creative concept of the video. When various dots are connected, they become lines that run and cross, creating the unique connection between Tod’s and Hender Scheme.

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