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No_Code Virtual Exploration

Exploration is the main theme of the latest Tod’s No_Code project: a virtual adventure offering a preview of the new No_Code J sneakers and the first ready-to-wear capsule collection.

The discovery of a new virtual experience via an avatar by designer Yong Bae Seok begins in an analogue environment with a strong post-industrial feel.
From here, the avatar is transported through a portal to a new digital world revealing the latest No_Code collection.

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The new No_Code J sneakers encapsulate the natural progression of the No_Code line. In this next chapter, the creative team behind No_Code dives deeper in their search for the most innovative technology: A new multi-layered structure and an ultra-light sole guarantee maximum functionality and weightlessness.

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The outlined shape of the elastic upper and the two tongues allow you to slip the shoe on and off very easily. The quick lacing system removes friction between the laces and shoes to get you back in action fast with the perfect fit.

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No_Code first ready-to-wear capsule collection designed by Korean creative director and industrial designer, Yong Bae Seok.  The collection has been inspired by the rigour and essential lines of digital technology and leisurewear.

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The No_Code statement enriches each piece of the new capsule collection. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, all printed edges are crisp and highly defined, as if they were a single element.

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