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Aria d'Italia

Italian stories in eight words

Aria d'Italia is a Tod's project celebrating contemporary Italian lifestyle and its inherent values: talent and passion for quality in every aspect of life, from fine dining to art, from the joy of sharing to cherishing traditions. Through eight key words, a series of personal and professional stories are told; artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen each in their way representing the essence of the Italian identity. Chapter after chapter, Aria d'Italia becomes an illustrated journey, the feeling of a new generation, brimming with creativity, able to reinvent our country's heritage through entrepreneurial and unconventional artistic ideas.

In September 2022, Aria d'Italia's words and images will come together in a book published in collaboration with Rizzoli International.

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Chapter One


Fine dining, friendship and the taste for a proper feast are integral parts of Marco Baldeschi's life experiences, chef at "Villa Lena" in the heart of Tuscany, along with Francesco Mondadori and Ludovica Bonini, who from their homestead in Puglia bring together entrepreneurial ideas and Mediterranean cuisine culture.

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Chapter Two


Timeless and everlasting: a distinct sensitivity towards beauty and tradition has brought student Bianca Vanni Calvello Mantegna to create a project on organic farming under the Sicilian sun, and Niccolò Rignano with Gemma Richards to reconvert an abandoned villa in Piedmont into the "La Foleia" Hotel de Charme.

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