Tod's Passport

Using Aura Blockchain technology and the NFC tag that guarantees its authenticity and traceability, you are able to access the Tod's Passport of your personalised Di Bag directly through your smartphone.
The Digital Product Passport is a unique tool that allows you to learn all the information related to your bag and its entire supply chain. It highlights the origin of materials, production and compliance processes, and the quality, sustainability, and transparency aspects that guarantee the value and identity of your Di Bag over time.

Premium benefits

Through the bag's Digital Product Passport, you have the chance to enjoy a selection of exclusive premium benefits.

Extended warranty and access to dedicated services for the care and maintenance of the bag.

Personalised support from our client advisors.

Exclusive access to Tod's events and experiences.

How to use the Digital Product Passport

By bringing your smartphone closer to the Tod's logo on the Di Bag, through the NFC tag, a webpage dedicated to the Digital Product Passport will automatically open. 

After entering your personal details, the Di Bag will have its Tod's Passport and the bag's warranty will be automatically extended. 

The Digital Product Passport certifies the authenticity of the bag and is laid out using different sections that illustrate its details: the story of the Di Bag and a description of the chosen model, the production processes and the locations of the supply chain, including the origin of materials, production and compliance processes, and traceability aspects.

From the Digital Passport, you'll also be able to benefit from the personalised support from our Client Advisors who are available to answer any questions, or provide you with any information regarding your bag. 

You can access the information in the Digital Product Passport at any time by simply bringing your smartphone closer to the NFC tag located on the Tod's logo inside the Di Bag.